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Fact or Myth? Does Chalk Actually Work to Get Rid of Ants?

Have you ever picked up a chalk to try and draw a line on surfaces when you have spotted ants crawling in line on the floor or wall? Have you ever wondered about the truth if that simple line of chalk can easily remove your ant problem away from home?

Does chalk actually work to get rid of ants at home, or this natural ant control only popular local myth? Answer this quick question below, before you can move on to continue reading this article.

Does drawing a line of chalk near the ant hole or along the ant trail useful in:

a. Keeping the ants away

b. Killing the ants

c. Temporarily derailing an ant trial

d. All of the above

An old wives’ tales, many of you would have chosen some answers which ‘keep the ants away’ and ‘killing ant’. This is false and chalk itself would not work to eliminate or get rid of ants completely. While the drawn line of thick chalk can only temporarily derail an ant trial, just because it making the colony confused with the scents instigated by chalk. However, these ants soon establish their scents and the trail can come back at work again.

While derailing an ant trail may seem like the ants are being kept away, these ants are definitely not killed. They are only temporarily shifted away from the original site as they avoid the chalk line. This is the same as with any other things which disrupt the ant scent trail (trail pheromones), such as water.

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Do you have ants at home? Getting rid of ants is more than just chalk and water. Should you have ant infestation at home, it can be difficult to get rid of ants with DIY methods. Proper and correct identification of the different types of ants is required before the right treatment method is recommended, this best done by a pest control specialist.

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