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Common Guilty Acts That Attract Household Pests to Your Home

Ants: are you guilty of using water to wash away ants?

Hosing down at a long trail of ants in the garden with the water hose and you think these ants could be washed away, never to be seen again. You have also conveniently used the shower head to wash away ants crawling around in your bathroom, thinking that should be the end of your ant problem?

Besides wasting water, these worker ants would soon reestablish themselves and form the ant trials again. Using water to wash away ants is not the solution especially to a deep seated ant infestation. This is because the ants you have just washed away are simply only just one-millionth part of an ant colony.

In an ant colony, there is the Queen ant and the worker ants. Worker ants actively forage outside for food to feed the Queen ant so that the colony reproduces new ants and grow. To control an ant infestation, we get to the core of worker ants which then result in them not being able to feed the Queen, eventually the colony dies off.

Well that is one way to let an ant colony die off; there is another to exploit the way ants feed among themselves, sharing its food with one another and taking the bait back to its colony. A bait that is attractive enough makes them feed and share around, holding an effective control quickly. Discover other short term solutions commonly used in households here today here

Cockroaches: are you guilty of stacking up piles of newspaper at home?

Well it is easy to simply chuck yesterday’s papers in the storeroom, joining the rest of the past months’ papers stacked altogether, you are actually building a solid good home for cockroaches slowly but steadily.

Cockroaches love to hide in dark cosy places. The huge thick pile of newspaper is a warm and nice harborage for them! It could also be a perfect breeding spot to lay eggs. A cockroach nymph grows into an adult in just 6 weeks. Most importantly, cockroaches feed on anything and everything organic. From grease, glue, books, the stack of newspaper happen to be a great food source for them.

Removing and limiting possible hiding places to cut off sheltering for cockroaches is definitely one way, food sources is another critical factor to put a cockroach infestation under control. Remember, pests need food, water and shelter to survive just like any one of us.

Getting rid of cockroaches especially at home is a lot more of work and vital as these pests of poor hygiene potentially pose the risk of spreading diseases and distributing allergens. Especially through harmful cockroach droppings, some individuals actually develop an allergy resulting in health and safety concerns.

Expert advice from a local pest control company in Singapore puts a cockroach infestation under control quickly. Remember, cockroaches breed quickly; therefore it is important to catch them before the situation worsens.

Lizards: are you guilty of mimicking the ‘lizard ticking sound’ to shoo it away?

Only geckos have vocal cords and are capable of making that lizard sound you hear. They make sound because they want to establish territory or are calling out to mates. Well, although lizards do have ears, so if you mimic that lizard sound in an attempt to shoo them away, it probably would not work.

A common house lizard is attracted to two main things in your home and they are:

  • Food sources like small insects, such as spiders, flies and ants – if your home is infested with spiders, flies or ants, these are natural food sources for lizards and naturally they will come finding your home to feed. Keep out small insects from crawling or flying into your homes by sealing cracks, gaps and crevices in walls. Install insect screens for windows and doors to minimise chances of these insects coming into homes. By limiting natural food sources, you can keep out house lizards away.
  • Lights in your home – it probably mean signs of life and the same meaning goes for lizards which are seeking food as well! Lizards are attracted to lights and another reason could be that lights attract flies and moths, which is a good pot of food in there. So, if you want lizards out of your house, make sure you have heavy curtains indoors to block lights out for the outside.

There is, in fact, not much harm lizards would bring to people. Lizards are considered useful pests in a way they bring down population of small insects, especially mosquitoes which potentially carry harmful diseases like Dengue. The only annoyance lizard causes are feces spotting which may stain the walls. These can be unsightly and a disturbance for your pretty homes!

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