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6 Frequently Asked Questions about Bed Bugs Treatment

We heard of many horrific and traumatic bed bug cases that left home owners totally stressed out. True that bed bug is one tricky menace to handle, and for victims who had experience encountering this stress-causing incident, they would agree they can be affected terribly in terms of paying a lot more to recover and rectify mental stress and time lost.

To make matters worse, there are many pest solutions claiming effective treatment, fast result, low investment cost and only require 1 day of downtime for treatment. But, the biggest nightmare is to suffer from another round of bed bug epidemic at your home!

To ensure you are well informed and clear on what to expect, and if you are engaging the right and credible pest control specialist, here are 6 critical questions about bed bugs treatment you need to ask.

Question 1: Why and how bed bug infestation gets started at my home?

Crucial point is you need to know why there is a bed bug infestation in your home and understand the root cause or source. How do bed bugs spread to your home and what you may have done in attracting these bed bugs back?

For example, have you gone traveling recently? Did you use any second hand furniture or do you have the habit of placing baggage near your bed? Trace back activities that increase the risks of bed bug infestation!

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Question 2: What treatments do you recommend?

Do not be fooled by quick fix solutions with no downtime. The bed bug life cycle consist from the eggs, nymphs, to adults. At every life cycle, it is important to eradicate them with targeted treatments to ensure adequate coverage.

For example, few hundred bed bug eggs can be presented at difficult to reach spaces and steam treatment may be recommended to remove these eggs. While adult life span can stretch across months and survive with feeding, thus is important to eradicate them fully through quality residual bed bug spray.

Question 3: How effective is the chemical?

It is essential to understand more on the type and quality of chemical used, because bed bug problem is a challenging to control and choice of chemical means efficacy and responsiveness is at stake. Leaving small or handful traces of bugs behind means the potential re-infestation is high through its quick reproduction cycle.

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Question 4: How often do I need to carry out the treatment?

Because of their fast and large reproduction nature, on average they can reproduce within 200 to 250 eggs at one time, and hatch during an interval between 6 to 10 days. Bed bugs largely live between 4 months to 6 months, and a 1-time treatment is not sufficient to cover the bed bug life stage. A 3 times treatment integrated with steam treatment and follow ups across 1.5 to 2 months is usually recommended.

Question 5: Will you conduct inspection and after treatment checks?

Re-infestation is the biggest nightmare! An adequate checks and follow up is important during the initial weeks to ensure no reproduction, secret hideouts and remaining bits of bugs are taking place.

This includes all the blind spots, cracks and crevices, corners and edges and any tiniest gaps in the home should be inspected. During treatment checks, recommendations would also be made to ensure the effectiveness is complemented with a diligent housekeeping.

Question 6: What do I need to do after bed bug treatment?

Bed Bug is a cross-infestation nature pests and it can be a recurring problem if daily habits, lifestyle and home maintenance is not adjusted. Be equipped with more useful and applicable information to get the best out of your bed bug treatment here.