5 Things That Flies Attracted


Flies are an unavoidable nuisance and pose a potential threat to health risk in most home. Thus, having these unwanted guesses hang around your home will surely be a huge concern for homeowners.

What are flies attracted to? There are several reasons why this filthy-flying pest is attracted to invading your home.

1. Heat

Flies are attracted to buildings by the heat that they radiate. Flies will breed faster in environments that are warm.

2. Light

Flies are more commonly seen hovering near lights as they are attracted to lights. Scientifically known as positive phototaxis, these pests have a positive response to lights.

3. Garbage

Flies are commonly associated with garbage. Garbage provides flies with an ideal breeding habitat, especially in the warm months when food items ferment quickly. It is recommended to remove your garbage at least twice a week, regularly clean your garbage bags and place all waste in bags.

4. Dirty drains

Problems with flies indoors commonly begin with drains that have built up organic material. It is important to regularly clean your drains to decrease the possibility of a fly problem.

5. Rotten food scraps

Flies are known to be attracted to damage food or products, they can even breed in produce that is rotten.

Professional fly control

If you’re having problems with flies you can’t deal with in your home, then you’ll really need professional fly control treatment to guarantee a long-term solution to your fly problem.

Our fly control service includes:

  • Elimination of adult flies and the removal of any breeding sites, which could create more problems in the future.
  • Correct identification of fly species, which allow us to recommend a fly control treatment program that is tailored to your specific issue
  • We have a range of effective fly control solutions, including spraying, cold fogging and electric fly killers.

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Fly control services

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