3 Reasons Why You Should Be Worried about Fruit Flies in House

Fun facts about tiny fruit flies

Know more about these tiny flying pests today to better understand what attracts fruit flies and where do they come from?

  • The Female fruit fly grows larger than Male fruit fly 
  • Fruit fly has red eyes 
  • Its hairy body is a carrier of bacteria which can be harmful to humans 
  • Fruit fly loves decaying food and vegetables, garbage, fruits and kitchen utensils 
  • It reproduces very quickly, the eggs hatching into larvae after several days; with the adult insect emerging just after 4 days! Therefore an infestation can get out of hand very fast

Have you ever noticed that fruit flies seem to appear in these areas in your house?

1. Fruit flies in drains

Huddling together in swarms, these small flies may include fruit flies and black sewage flies (also known as drain flies). Fruit flies in drains hover near drain covers found in your toilets at home as they feed on the organic waste materials found in these drains. If you live in a multi-level high rise building, toilet pipes and drains are connecting throughout, including that of your upstairs and downstairs neighbors.

Why you should be worried? Your toilet drain cover provides a good and steady source of food and shelter for these swarms of small flies! Besides posing as a nuisance for users in your home toilets, these small flies will land on almost everywhere and on anything to feed on. Especially when you find them resting on your bath towels and toothbrushes, they get very annoying and unhygienic.

2. Fruit flies in the kitchen

The kitchen at home is a place where meal preparations happen for the whole family. You also store many eating utensils, drinking bottles and containers in the kitchen. It is imperative that this area at home should be kept clean, tidy and hygienic.

Why should you be worried? Fruit flies in the kitchen disturb your food preparation process and pose health risks to humans should they land on your food. Clean utensils which have been washed and put aside are actually great attractants for fruit flies to feed on its microorganisms. Once again, this promotes unhygienic bacteria growth within the kitchen.

3. Fruit flies: whenever and wherever you eat

Sitting down at the breakfast table, you open up the new loaf of white bread to help yourself a slice. Very soon, you find yourself suddenly busy swatting away fruit flies swarming up to you. Oh my! Fruit flies! Where do they come from? Did you know? Tiny fruit flies are particularly attracted to fermenting yeast in fruits and bread. Your white bread is an excellent attractant for them to feed on.

Why should you be worried? While it can be easy to swat these small flies away and prevent them from landing onto your breakfast, you should be worried because it is unusual to have swarms of fruit flies coming up to you like this! If you want to eat in peace, you should start to find out if you are experiencing a fruit fly infestation somewhere in the house.

How to prevent fruit flies at house?

  • Good housekeeping and healthy hygiene habits are definitely helpful in preventing fruit flies from nesting in your home.
  • Always cover up food, tie up garbage bags and dispose of them before turning in for the night.
  • Keep table tops clean and wipe away food spills and crumbs diligently.

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