3 Insect’s Bites That Affect Your Child’s Health

As parents, you will do everything to keep your children safe and healthy, nonetheless to protecting them also from any harm that may arise from pests such as insect bites.

Theoretically every insect bites have its potential to caused allergies to your child. In the advance stage, insect bites could also trigger acute wounds and infections to your child’s skin which will make your child feeling uncomfortable in any way because of the symptoms.

Hence, what are the insects that every parents must pay more attention? Here are 3 insect bites that can be harmful to your child's health at home:

1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the world's number one carriers of deadly vector diseases, such as malaria, dengue and Zika. A mosquito bite is usually mild and superficial, yet it causes your skin to itch followed by a reddish bump around the bitten area. One of the mosquito species, such as Aedes Aegypti is even not depend on the climate change and actively bite in the early hours through the day and never stop causing a deadly disease such as dengue fever.  

Its undoubtedly that mosquito bites at night also very disrupting to your children’s rest time at night, and also make them difficult to sleep well because of the itchy sensation to their skins. Every parents should be aware the intense mosquitoes bites at night define as the high levels of mosquito infestation rates in your home area!

Quick tips: prevent mosquito bites by putting a mosquito net on your child's bed and using anti-mosquito products such as lotions, sprays or anti-mosquito patch to protect your child from mosquito bites throughout the day.

2. Bed bugs

Bed bugs are pretty small and flat (5-6 mm) and it is not impossible to escape from the attention of every parent who has a child at home. The bed bugs nest is not only can be found in the folds of your mattresses and sofas, but also in thin and narrow cracks in carpet fur. Bed bugs tend to feed at night, and bite your child while they are asleep.

Even if the bed bug bite does not give pain to the victim, this blood-sucking insect bite cannot be underestimated. Common symptoms that will appear on the skin include itching, redness and swelling around the bite area to the worst: rash or eczema rash.

Quick tips: before you decided to contact pest control service near you, it is very recommended if you do the early prevention by doing routine cleaning activities by using a vacuum cleaner in the areas that become your child’s area to rest and play, such as mattress and carpet.

3. Ants

These tiny insects look harmless and not bite, but this term is not occur to one of ant species like fire ants. The fire ant bites are known to cause a burning feeling like blisters on the skin, followed by swelling, pain and very painful itching. Generally, you cannot find the fire ant infestation inside your home, because this type of ant is preferably stay outside your home in outdoor area – around the garden and backyard.

Quick tips: it is strongly suggested that you always put shoes on your child, and stay away from the trees and bushes when bringing your beloved ones playing in the garden area as the initial step to avoid your child from this type of ant bite.

Creates a safe, healthy and pest-free environment to your child at home!