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Premise Inspection

One of the main approaches in an effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme is pest exclusion, which is a proactive strategy involving identifying and sealing up potential pest entry points to prohibit pest from entering your premises.

Generally, there are a number of pest vulnerable areas that allow pests to infiltrate into a building, for example, through small gaps and cracks on walls that are not easily noticeable to human eyes or usually ignored because people don’t usually mind these defects. That is why, Rentokil’s service technician are also highly trained in identifying pest entrances as this exclusion method is a highly effective way of keeping pests out of your property.

With Rentokil’s Building Inspections, our pest experts can help to identify vulnerabilities in your compound and building structures that may allow potential pest penetration. Sites that pests are most likely to enter include the production areas, food preparation areas, loading docks, waste disposal areas, and storage areas/ warehouse.

During the building inspection, our pest experts will look out for conditions in your premises that may be susceptible to pests. For example:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Unsealed cracks on the wall
  • Gaps under exterior doors
  • Clogged drain and gutter system

Benefits of Premises Inspections:

  • Early detection - of vulnerabilities in your property allows corrective actions to be taken, which help to minimise the risk of pest infestation.

  • Expert recommendations - enable business owners to take proactive actions to seal off any potential pest entry points in a facility, especially for the food manufacturing industry where strict environmental and health regulations are applied.

  • Industry expertise - We know what it takes to protect your business effectively against a wide range of pests.

Schedule an appointment with us here to discuss further as to how best we can assist to include this comprehensive inspection into your pest control plan.

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