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myRentokil FAQ

Find your answers to frequently asked questions for myRentokil digital reporting tool. You may also wish to download the e-Guide here.

What is myRentokil?

myRentokil is a unique online pest control reporting system designed and built by Rentokil. It is easy to use and delivers real-time information, facilitating a proactive approach to pest prevention and control. Access is available 24/7 from wherever you are, providing you with the peace of mind that you can view and monitor.

Who is entitled to myRentokil?

As our valued customers, all myRentokil account/contract owners are automatically registered for myRentokil account. You will receive a private and confidential account login and activation email separately.

What are the features and benefits of myRentokil?

- 24/7 information access on a range of devices including desktop and mobile 

- Pest prevention and recommendation with status updates, follow up notes and key area focus 

- Multi-site capabilities with site plan (for myRentokil HD) for detailed pest monitoring 

- Intuitive user interface 

- Trend analysis of pest activity (for myRentokil HD) with supporting reports for auditing compliance 

- Customised reporting 

- scheduling of reports are available for your convenience - Document download facility

What is the various information we can view?

Visit History: A dashboard displaying a list of visits that have been carried out at your premise, including brief details at a glance or full notes created by the technician. 

Recommendations and Status: Recommendations and status are colour coded to indicate progress of actions. Red indicates no actions were taken to address the recommendation, Amber represents pending actions and Green indicates actions were taken and status is complete. 

Risk Assessments and Safety Data sheets: Useful documents are available for your retrieval and reference that are stored in easy-to-manage folders. 

Users with access to myRentokil HD, dashboard information is designed to cater for both multi-site and single-site customers with audit compliance supports including: 

Multi-site customers: You may scroll along the multi-site dashboard to view your list of sites. If you need an additional level of detail, you can access each site for the information you need. 

Single-site customers: You can view the site visit information by clicking the Service History tab. You need to select the relevant dates and the type of visit under Site Visits. You can also view details of the actions taken by the Rentokil during the last visit and the preparations used for the action. 

Audit Compliance: View and analyse pest activity, details of recommendations and visits made by Rentokil in the preceding 12 months. You can view the site plans and documents for the same duration by clicking the Useful Documents tab. You can also demonstrate improvements in pest control by using the comparative analysis feature that is available upon clicking the Charts tab under Reporting. User may also customise the preferred period. For example data required 3 years ago.

Task and Recommendations Tracker: Activity that is required to be performed by Rentokil within a given period of time for any incident reported will be recorded and monitored. Recommendations made by Rentokil to assist in pest prevention at your site. For example, you may be asked to fit a bristle strip in the space under a door to prevent entry of pests. You can view and manage your recommendations by clicking the Manage Recommendations tab under the Dashboard page.

Service History and Preparation: You can view the preparations used by Rentokil for an action taken on a pest infestation reported by you by clicking the Service History tab. Under the Preparations Used tab, you need to select the date and the type of visit to view the location and the specific pesticides that were used during the visit.

How do we get started with myRentokil?

You will be provided a QR code sticker or label for our technicians to scan the code upon completion of service at your premise. Data is captured and seamlessly synchronised in our information system, and uploaded on the myRentokil portal for your viewing. An account activation email will be sent to you for initial login, where you will be prompted to update your login ID and password for security purposes. To access to myRentokil, you may visit https://myaccount-asia.rentokil-initial.com/Iaas/kdw and enter your login ID and password to access. Alternatively, you may download the myRentokil apps

- Andriod device: Go to Google Play, search for myRentokil, and install the apps 

- IOS device: Go to Apple Store, search for myRentokil, and install the apps

What are the system compatibility requirements for

myRentokil is an online application that does not require any software to run it. You simply need an internet connection and a supported web browser. Web browsers that are supported include Google Chrome™, Internet Explorer ®8 and above, and Safari®. Firefox® is not supported.

How do I know if my data is safe?

myRentokil has been designed as a secure site, ensured by: 

- A password protected system with controlled access lists 

- Encrypted communications 

- Data is managed at a secure data center with an established disaster recovery plan

What is the password policy for myRentokil?

The password has the following criteria - Must be between 8-15 characters - Must contain at least 1 letter - Must contain at least 1 number - Must contain at least 1 special character from !@#$%^&*()_ Please note to ensure security the password will expire every 90 days

Is there an additional charge for myRentokil?

For users on myRentokil Lite, there is no additional cost or charge to your account.
For users on myRentokil HD, a 1 time-off set up and admin fee is applicable

myRentokil Apps

Akses informasi pelaporan hama Anda secara online 24/7 di berbagai perangkat. Unduh aplikasi myRentokil di:

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