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Surface shield disinfection service

Are the objects you touch safe from viruses, bacteria and microbes?

With various activities and interactions that we do every day at home, office, public transportation or shopping, our hands have become a medium for spreading viruses and bacteria to objects and surfaces.

Anticipating the spread of viruses from objects to people

Viruses and bacteria can spread by means of human droplets that fall onto the surfaces and touchpoints. When someone touches the objects that have been contaminated and touch their own eyes, nose and mouth, viral infection may occur.

Durable sanitation with surface shield protection

Surface Shield Disinfection Service from Rentokil Indonesia utilizes cold fogging and wiping techniques using a special antimicrobial chemical which effectively reduces 99.99% levels of pathogens with active ingredients that last up to 30 days on the surface for maximum protection.

Surface shield disinfectant revolutionary technology

The disinfectant formula used for this service is specially developed to form a layer on the surface that once applied, will form positive ionized molecular spikes that attract negative ionized pathogens and destroy pathogens mechanically.

surface shield disinfection service

Why surface shield disinfection service?

Utilizing powerful antimicrobial formula and performed by our profesionally trained technicians, Surface Shield Disinfection Service is a more effective and safer choice to protect your premises.

  • Durable - Actively provides protection that lasts up to 30 days despite your usual cleaning routines.
  • Safe - Uses water-based ingredients, does not contain alcohol, safe for the skin and is harmless if swallowed.
  • Tested - The formula has been tested and proven to be 99.99% effective in reducing bacteria and viruses.
  • Professional service - Services are performed by technicians who have been professionally trained in carrying out disinfection actions.

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