How to be a great and safe hotel in Indonesia?

The Indonesian hotel industry is an ever-vibrant, fast-changing business environment. Aside from
being sound in security systems, a hotel business has to keep up with trends in the market. 

Yet these hotel trends may inevitably pose challenges for the business which eventually may cause
potential disruptions to operations. Hoteliers find themselves in stiff competition to maintain the
safest and best hotel in Indonesia.

Find out the 6 hotel trends in Indonesia below!

1. Online hotel reviews

"Click click!” and a few swipes on the mobile, your hotel room bookings are done and completed fully online in a matter of few minutes. Online hotel reviews on various social media channels are easily found in the Internet age. Good and bad reviews left behind by guests are the deciding factor in whether or not your hotel gets chosen.

Pest problems hotel owners may face: Did you know? Termites feed 24/7 a day and they eat from the inside out. Doors, windows, cupboards, and bed frames are hotspots that could be attacked by hungry termites.

The scary thing is, that eating from the inside out means that termite damage goes undetected until it is too late. Hoteliers with termite problems risk the health and safety of employees and guests when structures, fittings, and furniture attacked by termites crumble and collapse. 

Bad news spread like wildfire. A guest could easily take a picture or video of their termite scare and upload these onto online hotel reviews!

2. Greens everywhere!

Eco-friendly roof gardens, green walls, and potted plants. Many hoteliers like to place many kinds of greeneries in every space. Greeneries not only help to lighten up the mood instantly, but they also promote calm and nature. Green walls skirting the hotel compound lend vibrancy to what could be a dull space. This explains why these concepts are so popular!

Pest problems hotel owners may face: The termite problem comes along with the likes of greens, gardens, and plants. With soil, mulch, and moisture present, these ideal conditions are perfect shelter and breeding places for termites.

Pest challenges come along with these green spaces when external water pipes are installed to sustain the greens. This provides a steady source of water for termites.

Planting features in and around the hotel premises also give a good hideout for termites especially the subterranean termites which rely on soil and mud tubes to move around.

Not forgetting mosquito breeding risks in potted plants, indoor mosquito control could be neglected. Large ponds and water features can be better managed with new innovations. 

3. Technology upgrades

Entering a hotel room using a biometric card may soon be a thing of the past. Futuristic hotels now provide service differentiation with Wi-Fi, smart gadgets such as tablets in-room or even smartphones as room keys, T.V. remote, and air-con control.

Pest problems hotel owners may face: With technology features set in a modern hotel, hoteliers can expect to attract groups of millennial business travelers who have a rising influence in the hospitality business. There is often zero tolerance for pests in this group of consumers. The secondary aim is to provide a comfortable pest-free environment and provide a right fit to the lifestyle with professional pest control services.

4. Dwindling customer loyalty

The loyalty of today has become of yesterday. With aggressive advertising and promotions by different hotels every month, hoteliers now strive to be more service-oriented and personalized.

Pest problems hotel owners may face: A hotel with service differentiation stands out from the rest. When there are problems arising from pests, front-line employees must be empowered and well-equipped with pest knowledge to address guest concerns effectively. And that is what service with the care and interest of guests in mind is all about. Pest control for business in hospitality should engage professionals to give reassurance and total peace of mind.

5. Best food & beverages

Big names in food naturally lure the foodies to the hotel. Hotel buffets offered at attractive prices give local Indonesians a good choice to indulge during the weekends with family.

Pest problems hotel owners may face: Managing a Food and beverage business is challenging. With food and water, invite pests such as flies, cockroaches, ants, and rats. Pest control for businesses dealing with F&B has to be carried out diligently to avoid food contamination risks by harmful pests. 

6. Appealing to the 5 senses 

Sight, smell, touch, hear and taste- A hotel stay experience that can appeal to all 5 senses with top-notch amenities is definitely a game changer. Luxury infinity pools and lobbies with sweet-smelling scents are value-added points.

Pest problems hotel owners may face: The best hotel in Indonesia keeps clean and smells good at all times. Compromises in hygiene could be due to environmental factors such as a pest infestation which lead to unsightly and unpleasant odours - such as rats excreting urine and droppings freely. 




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