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Autumn pest prevention treatments

Don’t wait till it’s too late

Regular pest control treatments are the right approach to deter annoying and sometimes dangerous pests. Don’t wait till breeding seasons are at its peak – protect your home with long lasting preventative treatments that have lasting residual and repellent components.

The unfortunate part is that may pest infestations go unnoticed for a very long time, especially over Autumn and Winter seasons, and home occupiers become aware of a pest problem after they see damage or evidence of pest activity.

Autumn – perfect timing!

Autumn is the ideal time to get your annual general pest service. The residual treatments will last into the warmer months and reduce the risk of infestations. If you do have problem areas though, every 6 months is recommended.

Don’t forget your annual termite inspection too. This will allow early detection of termites and highlight potential problem areas in and around your home.

What should I do after a pest control treatment?

It is normal to see some pests within the first 2 weeks. The products used today can be slow working but they are very effective.

If ants were treated, you may still see a few inside your home. These are likely ‘scouts’ from other colonies and should succumb to the treatment within time.

If your home is a unit block or similar, your freedom from pests may depend on the infestation of any adjoining premises. Speak to your neighbours and recommend they get professional pest treatments as well for further prevention.

For external services, do not wash patios or paths for 1-2 days. Externally, do not remove spider webs for 5-7 days.

Prevention is better than cure

The ideal solution is to opt for preventive pest control services to identify potential pest problems before they turn into major infestations. Take control in Autumn, before pests do!

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