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Our Customer's Story

Termites can damage the structural integrity of a property and in many cases the severity of it will leave homeowners with huge financial losses. Read real life cases of Filipino homeowners who have lived with termites in their home. Follow their journey in finding the right solution to solving their termite problems.

Read on how a former First Lady relied on Rentokil termite control for all her 6 properties for 5 years now and counting.

"I just keep on renewing, that's all there is to it, and that in itself speaks volume of how I regard Rentokil." 

Ming Ramos, satisfied customer of Rentokil.

Now, let’s hear what Carmen Teves Lhuillier has to say and how she managed to solve her termite issue.

"I purposely sought them out when I saw we had a termite and mosquito infestation. I found them through my husbands company. My main concern was the garden, my son spends most of his day there in his play gym and I saw that no matter how much I put mosquito repellant, he would always get bitten so I knew we had a problem that needed help and with that, I found Rentokil. Rentokil has been very accommodating to our schedule so I like that about them and they get the job done.” 

Carmen, satisfied customer of Rentokil.

Ancestral houses in the Philippines are homes owned and preserved by the same family for several generations as part of the Filipino family culture. Let's hear from Shao how Rentokil protected her ancestral homes over the years.

"We've had Rentokil treat our ancestral houses since 2012, as former Cust Devt Mgr of Rentokil Phils Pest Control Division, i have witnessed and experienced first hand how quality was never sacrificed in their services. Our houses are currently under renovation to reinforce the structures against external, natural challenges but Rentokil will have to treat them again after construction is done for termite protection." 

Shao, satisfied customer of Rentokil.

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