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How to Keep Pest Birds Away

The recommended bird prevention method is to remove their food sources. However, in busy urban areas this is not always a practical solution. If birds are starting to cause problems at your premises, there are a number of bird prevention tactics that you can try:

  • Remove any access to potential nesting sites, for instance by putting barriers over window ledges
  • Keep any possible food sources well hidden
  • Make sure bin lids are secure and trash bags are not left in the open — birds like crows have sharp beaks can easily break trash bags

Professional bird removal and deterrent services are critical for businesses to effectively remove pest birds, avoid property damage and reduce the health risks associated with the presence of pest birds. Bird removal can be challenging as each species has varying behaviour:

  • Pigeons - Unafraid of people and are highly adaptable to urban and modern environment

  • House crows - One of the most intelligent birds due to their behavioural and ecological flexibility. Can be challenging to remove once they have established

  • Common mynas - Build messy nests in any cavity or hole, which may cause water damage to property due to blockage

  • Starlings - Roost before nightfall as a flock and their calls can be deafening

Besides noticing more and more bird nests around your property, look for other common signs of an infestation before it worsens. If you are worried about birds in your premises or your bird problem is more than you can handle, contact us at 1300 881 911 to learn more about our effective bird deterrent solutions for your property.

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