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Moviegoer Bitten by Rat in a Cinema

Petaling Jaya: A moviegoer had a shock of her life when she was bitten by a rat while watching movie in a cinema.

It was reported that the victim felt a sharp pain in her toe and immediately cried out when the movie was at its dramatic end. She was horrified to find blood flowing from her toe when the lights came on.

As an avid movie fan and a regular patron of the cinema, the victim was hugely disappointed by the incident. She further stressed that serious actions need to be taken immediately before more people get hurt.

Rat bites are as lethal as their urine. Its bite can cause serious health complications such as rat bite fever and can also result in death. Just last month, a 10 year-old-boy was reported to have succumbed to death after he was bitten by a rat in San Diego.

Business Consequences

After the incident in the cinema, the victim had posted a picture of her bandaged toe on her Facebook page which has been shared by more than 1,000 times as of today.

This rat infestation will undeniably tarnish the company’s reputation and they are also at risk of losing other customers’ trust if they do not handle the matter well.

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Source : The Star

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