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5 Crucial Things That You Need To Prepare Before Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is definitely a wonderful time for families to gather and reunite with each other. Although preparation for Chinese New Year sounds like there’s lot to do, here are some vital activities that you could do to help you get ready for this auspicious celebration.

1) Spring cleaning

Here’s a time for you to make room for the new and bid farewell to the old! Give your home a makeover and clean away items that you no longer find useful or perhaps donate them to charity. You could also consider decorating your home with festive decorations like red lanterns, flowers, red couplets and many more.

2) Food preparation for guests

What better way to bond and reconnect with your friends and family, than over good food and laughter! Chinese New Year is also a time for feasting and it’s tradition for households to prepare ample of food to serve your family and guests. Therefore, be sure to make room for your kitchen as you will be anticipating many types of dishes on the table.

3) Go shopping!

If you’re thinking of treating yourself to a new pair of shoes and some clothes, here’s your chance to turn a want into a need, if you needed an excuse. Shoppers would flock to malls just weeks before the celebration to get a new set of attire, preferably with a splash of red colour, to welcome the new year as it signifies good luck.

4) Get a haircut / new look

As the saying goes, “new year, new you”, get yourself a new look and makeover before the arrival of Chinese New Year for a fresh new start. Most of us will be heading to the salon to give our hair a makeover. Hence, be sure to schedule your appointment much earlier to avoid disappointments.

5) Keep your home protected from pests

There is nothing more infuriating than having repulsive guests like pests entering your home during this celebration. Some of the most common pests that could possibly celebrating the festive with you include cockroaches, ants and lizards. Although these pests may seem harmless at first sight, they can cause great discomfort and spread harmful diseases if not properly handled.

The cost of keeping pests out is much less than what’s required to spend when they get in, given the potential for destruction. You won’t want to spend your ang pow money, eradicating pests.

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