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Tidying Up with Rentokil

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a great CNY. Now that the festivities are behind, it's time to put our foot down and work on our goals for the year. 

It's official, decluttering is trendy again. All thanks to the KonMari method popularised by Marie Kondo's hit Netflix show. The idea is simple, keeping only those that spark joy and discarding those that don't. This social media-led movement is godsent, especially this is always a pest controller number 1 tip: keep your premises tidy

1. Wardrode

Although CNY has come and gone, it's never too late to declutter for a healthier home, and hopefully mind as well. The first and easiest place to start was my wardrobe. Although I am not a shopaholic, it's still surprising to see the number of clothes I have accumulated over the years. 

I couldn’t help but notice small casings on the wall next to the wardrobe, which has gotten my entomology senses tingling. Upon closer inspection, these casings are the shape of a pumpkin seed. They are known as the household case bearer. It houses the larva of a small moth that feeds on wools, carpets, spider webs and even human hair!

Upon maturity, a small moth will emerge from the casing. Although harmless to humans, the presence of this moth is usually an indicator to start tidying up. A quick vacuum and consistent cleaning will easily get rid of these moths.


2. Books

Next, the bookshelf. I'm a bookworm, try as I may I always end up buying more books before I finish my to-read list. It doesn’t help that book prices nowadays have gone down thanks to book fairs. I was going through the books on my shelf and to my surprise, I found something wriggling in one of my Famous Five books.

Using sticky tapes, I manage to trap the creature. It looks like my bookshelf is now a comfy home for silverfish. The silverfish is not a fish, but rather a wingless crawling insect that feeds on carbohydrates as starches on bookbinders. Did you know their ancestor predates the dinosaurs!?

Silverfish causes minor damages to book bindings, clothes, linens and even silk. Luckily they don’t transmit any diseases. Pest control companies are usually called into to carry out treatment against silverfishes to protect old text in libraries. Fortunately, my books didn't need major treatment. The infested books were sent to the local Besi Buruk shop for recycling while those non-infested ones will be shared in a book exchange programme.


After 3 hours of decluttering, I felt the effect of decluttering. I felt more organised and at peace. As an added bonus I even managed to evict 2 unwanted guests. Oh, check out my haul too!


Anyways, if you spot anything during spring cleaning, don’t panic and leave your worries to us. You can reach out to us on 1300 881 911 or send us an enquiry here.


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