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Flexi Armour Rodent Proofing

Rentokil’s exclusive range of rodent-proofing solutions designed to fortify high-risk areas inside and out, offering unparalleled protection against rodent intrusion.

Rodents, with their innate curiosity and agility, are adept at finding entry into buildings through the tiniest of openings as they search for food and shelter. Their clever nature ensures they'll exploit any unsecured entry point to gain access. Once inside, they’ll continue exploring and exploiting weak points in the structure, such as poorly fitted and damaged doors, frames and windows, roof and wall vents for central heating and gaps under doors and flooring material. They’ll make themselves comfortable and can quickly develop into an infestation that’s more challenging to remove.

Rodents can pose a significant risk to your business. They carry a wide range of diseases, can physically contaminate stock, damage building infrastructure, and can ultimately harm your business reputation. Therefore, it's crucial to implement robust and effective proofing strategies to block these entry points, significantly lowering the risk of a rodent infestation on your property.

Flexi Armour Rodent Proofing Range

Flexi Armour provides sustainable rodent-proofing solutions to help protect buildings internally and externally. By utilising hard-wearing, flexible Kevlar and knitted steel mesh, Flexi Armour provides impenetrable barriers that prevent rats and mice from entering your facility. 

Flexi Armour Seal

Flexi Armour Seal is designed to seal gaps and holes effectively, preventing rodent access. This sealant utilises a modified Polymer sealant infused with knitted stainless steel "omega" loops, allowing for easy application using standard tubes and standard Caulking guns.

Flexi Armour Shield

Flexi Armour Shield is a unique proofing tape built with a dense stainless mesh, providing a sticky, flexible and virtually impenetrable barrier for rodents.

Flexi Armour Door

Flexi Armour Door provides flexible and highly effective rodent-proofing solutions for door gaps. It helps prevent easy rodent access to your premises, providing a sustainable approach to Integrated Pest Management by restricting rodent intrusions into your business.

Advantages of Flexi Armour Rodent Proofing Solutions

Comprehensive Protection: Effectively seals all exploitable gaps, preventing rodent entry and ensuring the longevity of the solution, which protects against internal rodent issues.

Enhanced Business Reputation: Provides a reliable and effective rodent-proofing solution that helps maintain the cleanliness and structural integrity of business premises, boosting consumer trust and overall corporate image.

Sustainable Practices: Significantly reduces the need for rodenticides by aligning with sustainable Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, promoting non-chemical rodent control strategies that minimise environmental impact.

A Sustainable IPM Approach to Control

Rentokil is committed to supporting rodenticide reduction while recognising the responsibility to protect human health. We consider non-chemical control a valuable asset as part of the IPM strategy.

We offer a wide range of non-toxic and lower-toxic solutions to ensure our customers have peace of mind that their business is protected from pests. These solutions also ensure the least impact on the environment and support sustainability agendas.

  • Proofing door gaps will restrict rodent activity and, therefore, help us reduce rodenticide usage on riddances
  • Flexi Armour Designed and Developed by The Experts in Pest Control. Uses robust, unique and flexible knitted steel mesh/rubber to rodent-proof premises.

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