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Other industries

With many industries requiring a zero-tolerance approach to pests, we understand how a hygienic environment is critical to your business. Rentokil works proactively with you to help prevent pest infestations, manage pest outbreaks, monitor and mitigate risks to your business operations. We work in compliance with industry best practices, food standards and all local legislation.


From small scale residential buildings to commercial and large scale developments, Rentokil will protect your foundation from pest risks for future occupants.

Dairy industry

Protect your dairy processing facility and reputation with Rentokil’s team of pest control experts, trusted by global players in the production and distribution network.

Facility management

Nation-wide coverage, reliable services and fast emergency response to protect your network of premises from pest infestations.

Farming and agriculture

Expert pest control services to protect your livestock, property, land and stored products against the threat of farm pests.

Food retail

Decades of experience working with food, grocery and supermarket retailers to keep their properties safe and in compliance with Australia’s food legislation.


Helping local councils provide safe, clean and enjoyable public spaces and council facilities for the community to live, work and play.

Industrial premises

Multiple entry points and continuous deliveries make storage and industrial sites inherently vulnerable to pests. Rentokil offers robust pest control solutions to protect operational environments and staff from pests.

Mining sites

Large expanses of land and warm climates present unique opportunities for pests to thrive. Work with Rentokil to keep your amenities treated for pests.

Museums and antiquities

Discover how Rentokil ensures your sites, artefacts, staff and visitors are protected with specialist techniques and pest control solutions.


Keep your working environments safe and protect your staff from the health risks that pest infestations can bring about.


Protect against the contamination of raw material, medicines, medical devices and loss of consumer trust with Rentokil’s high dependency pest control team.

Real estate

Whether your real estate manages strata, commercial or residential properties we understand the sensitivities of a pest infestation in a tenanted property and have discreet pest control solutions to protect all your investments.

Restaurants, pubs and bars

Pests have no place on your menu with review sites playing judge, jury and executioner in the court of social media. Put together a zero-tolerance defence with the experts at Rentokil today.

Wine producers

We offer non-toxic pest control, specialist bird control and heat treatment solutions to protect vineyards, property, land and stored products against seasonal pest threats.

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About Rentokil

At Rentokil, our mission is to protect people and enhance lives.