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Protect your home from summer pests both inside and out!

Summer has finally arrived and it is time to step away from the shivering cold and enjoy the sun! Summer is the time of year where you can enjoy those bright long days with the ones you love but there’s something out there just waiting to spoil your fun, pests!

As the seasons change, so do the pests which inhabit our homes and gardens. With the warmer months in play, pests which are prevalent in the summertime can become a real nuisance and can also easily spread disease. Key summertime pests include ants, flies, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, cockroaches, and wasps. It’s peak season for these pests and they are relentless with their search for food, shelter, and breeding spots.

During this time, it is important to protect your home from pests both inside and out. Don’t let pests get access to your house or disturbed you when you are trying to enjoy the perfect outdoor BBQ with the family.

Don’t let the pests be your guests

There may be a range of different pests looking to invade your home this summer, but there are plenty of ways to keep them out. There are various areas in your house which could provide pests the perfect access points or nesting environments. Inspect these areas and ensure appropriate prevention methods are in place to help keep pests out.

1. Roof - A damaged roof can provide pests with immediate access to your home.

Prevention Tips: Repair damaged roof tiles and fill cracks in with roofing cement

2. Air Vents - Air vents can provide an easy entry point to your home.

Prevention Tips: Install mesh air brick ventilation covers

3. Windows - When left open, windows are a great entry route for pests into your home.

Prevention Tips: Install fly screens to prevent flying insects or keep windows shut, especially during swarming periods for ants and termites

4. Kitchen - Kitchens are an ideal place for pests to forage for food. The abundance of food turns your kitchen into a free all-you-can-eat buffet for pests

Prevention Tips: Store food in airtight containers, keep surfaces clean and empty bins daily

5. Garage – Garages can provide pests with a perfect place to nest and act as a stepping stone into your home.

Prevention Tips: Repair any damages to the infrastructure and store items in plastic boxes, ideally off the floor. Regularly check corners for wasps and hornet nests and ensure all entrances to your home are properly sealed.

Prevent pest outbreaks in your garden

There are many ways we can prevent pests from entering our houses, but did you know there are also many things you can do to reduce numbers in our gardens and decrease the risks of being bitten outdoors.

Gardens can act as a giant magnet for pests. It’s full of food, places to live and breeding areas.

Below are some tips that could help you reduce pest numbers in your garden:

Outside bins sitting in your garden could act as an open invitation to a 5-star restaurant for pests.

  • Do not overfill bins
  • Ensure all bins have tight fitting lids

When preparing for an outdoor party in your garden with friends or family, there are also some tips to help decrease risks of being bitten:

  • Have plenty of insect repellent on hand
  • Citronella helps minimise the presence of mosquitoes
  • Wear long sleeves/pants to avoid bites
  • Use sealed containers and eskies to cover food and beverages.
  • Clean any spills or crumbs immediately from tables and other surfaces
  • Get your home treated professionally with a pest service before your party

Enjoy summer and don’t let pests ruin your fun!

Still worried about summer pests or preparing for an outdoor event and require professional treatment?

Contact us for expert advice and solutions on how to get rid of summer pests in your home and garden.

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