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Safety & Health & Environment (SHE)

For over 38 years we have protected properties from pests across Thailand

All our technicians are highly trained and certified pest controllers

Innovative and unique treatments that resolve pest problems effectively

There is nothing more important at Rentokil than ensuring everyone goes home safe at the end of their working day. Our colleagues, our families and our customers rely on this commitment. Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE) will always be our first priority and there can be no compromise on this. 

Our colleagues are at the heart of our plan to enable THE RIGHT PEOPLE to do THE RIGHT THINGS in THE RIGHT WAY. Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE) is embedded in this plan and is the first item on our Colleague and Customer Promises; the framework for the culture of our company.


Our SHE standards

We developed a number of policies, which aim to give substantial Health & Safety benefits to our employees and customers. The introduction and commitment to such policies are a significant contribution to the constant improvement in Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Protection in our organisation, by provided SHE department reports directly to the Managing Director for effective on SHE management. 

By adopting the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Principles, we have implemented the following requirements: 

Policy & Organization 

  • Occupational Health & Safety Policy 
  • Environment Policy 
  • Zero Tolerance Policy 
  • Alcohol & Drug Policy 

Risk & Emergency

  • General Risk Assessment (GRA) 
  • Site Risk Assessment (SRA) 
  • Chemical Risk Assessment (CRA) 
  • Annual Fire fighting Training & Evacuation Practice

Competent People

  • SHE Training
  • Certified First Aider Training
  • Fire fighting Training 
  • Work at Height Training 
  • Mandatory for Supervisory & Managerial level by Welfare departure 
  • Defensive Safe Ride & Drive 

Management Control

  • Annual SHE Internal Audit 
  • Monthly equipment & tools inspection 

Review & Improvement 

  • Report online ( Incident Report / Audit Report) 
  • Safety Day 
  • SHE Talk 
  • Success Is No Accident Superstar (SINA Project)

Legal Compliance

Every industry is governed by its own set of safety, health and hygiene legislation. Rentokil has many years of experience helping businesses of all kinds meet both the letter and spirit of regulations that may affect them. These include: 

  • Occupational Safety, Health and Environment ACT B.E. 2554 (A.D. 2011) 
  • Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 
  • Hazardous Substance Act B.E. 2535 
  • Ministry of Interior ‘s Announcement 
  • Land Traffic Act B.E.2522 
  • Public Health Act B.E.2535

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