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myRentokil - Online Pest Control Report

For over 38 years we have protected properties from pests across Thailand

All our technicians are highly trained and certified pest controllers

Innovative and unique treatments that resolve pest problems effectively


myRentokil is a unique online reporting and analysis system for our customers. It is easy to use and delivers relevant information 24/7, facilitating a proactive approach to pest prevention and control.

Our new pest reporting tool can be a part of your organisation’s leap towards assimilating a new records management programme, and is highly recommended for Food Processing, Industrial & Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain and Food & Beverage industry.

Existing and myRentokil customers - please click here to go to myRentokil login page.

myRentokil benefits for your business

  • Pest control trends and automated custom reporting - Gain insight into pest trends and detail records of pest activity in your business. Build and schedule custom reports to support third-party auditing and legislation requirements
  • Pest control recommendations powered by Big Data analytics - Analysing a wealth of data across pest activity to seasonal trends, myRentokil provides you with pest activity analytics and proactive pest control recommendations
  • Real-time information 24/7 - Real-time pest activity and service history at your fingertips, available round-the-clock across multiple sites
  • Interactive site plans - Visualisation of your business’ pest control coverage, inspection points and risk areas - all custom to your site

Knowledge and control at the click of a button

myRentokil has been designed to increase the quality, visibility and integrity of your pest control protection - whilst saving you time and money, and providing greater peace of mind than ever before. Please see links below for myRentokil Quick Reference Guide and Frequently Asked Questions.

To talk to us about upgrading your pest control service to myRentokil, please call us on 02 290 8500.

Frequently Asked Questions about logging into myRentokil

Q: I'm an existing customer how do I log into myRentokil ?
A: To log into myRentokil you simply use your existing username and password. Click on Log into myRentokil on the login screen.

Q: I'm new to myRentokil how do I log in ?
A: To log into myRentokil use your username and password (remember the password is case-sensitive) provided when the access was set up. Click on Log into myRentokil on the login screen.

Q: What I have to do if I'm unable to login or I've forgotten my password?
A: If you are having difficulties logging into myRentokil with your current details, please:
    1. Select the forgotten password option on the myRentokil login screen.
    2. Type in your email address and select reset password.
    3. A new password will be emailed to you.

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We’ve been protecting Thai homes and businesses from pests for over 38 years. Our expert technicians are the best you’ll find across the country with monthly training and unsurpassed knowledge in pest trends and treatment techniques.