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Specialist Disinfection Service

As part of Rentokil Infection control, this disinfection service is specifically for premises with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, Rentokil provides the countermeasure of Specialist Disinfection Service (SDS) to disinfect your property meticulously. SDS focuses on ensuring that all sources of contamination and potentially harmful hazards are eradicated quickly and safely helping to reduce the downtime of the business.

Rentokil will first conduct a comprehensive site assessment to identify the COVID-19 hotspots on the sites and propose the treatment plan. On treatment day, the decontamination tent will be set up in a safe area for treatment preparation. Treatment commences with a thorough surface disinfection spraying on all touch points including the area that the person with COVID-19 positive frequents within your property. Space misting treatment will be carried out to deliver the disinfectants to hard-to-reach surfaces. SDS requires a higher level of biosecurity protocols and comprehensive personal protection equipment to safeguard our customer’s premises and our technicians in preventing the transmission of dangerous pathogens.

If you are looking for precautionary measures and do not have any cases of COVID-19, check out our Rentokil Surface Sanitation.

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Other Application of Specialist Disinfection Service

  • Vehicles - SDS can be used to disinfect vehicles and is highly recommended for commercial vehicles that were contacted by the person with positive COVID-19 cases

  • Air Conditioner - SDS treatment stops the growth and spread of harmful microorganisms and allergens through the ventilation system. The treatment disinfects the surface supply and return vents of the air conditioner

Why Do You Need Specialist Disinfection Service?

  • Disinfects your premises to resume your business
  • Sanitises all of the touchpoints of your property to destroy residing pathogens
  • Has increased safety level to combat COVID-19

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