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Mosquito Control Solutions

Our mosquito solutions are designed to target each and every stage of the mosquito life cycle, and caters to every home and business needs or requirements. Each of our solutions has been proven to be effective at managing and controlling mosquito infestations both indoors and outdoors, providing a holistic defence in any environment.

As the dengue cases on the rise, a proactive mosquito control measure can prevent the spread of dengue fever transmission to you and your loved ones. Don't risk your life to dengue, protect your family and employee today with our mosquito control solutions to keep Aedes mosquitoes away.

Integrated Mosquito Management

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Mosquitoes are lured into the trap to lay eggs whereby the consumable then prevent their eggs from hatching, stopping mosquitoes from spreading further.

Indoor LED Mosquito Trap

The LED Mosquito Trap is deployed indoors and is 3-4 times more effective than the conventional bug light traps. Our Indoor LED Mosquito trap has low power consumption, minimal noise operation, small and lightweight and reduces insect debris while controlling your mosquito infestation.

Adult Mosquito Trap

Utilised around the perimeter of the property, this solution traps adult mosquitoes and acts as a second-line defense to prevent mosquitoes from entering your premises.

ULV and Misting

The Ultra Low Volume (ULV) and Misting utilises water droplets mixed with pesticide to treat flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies. It is effective for large areas where mosquito breeding ground is hard to detect. Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly solution is available, which is safe for both homes and businesses.

Thermal Fogging

Our thermal fogging solutions are water based, which reduces carbon emission and is a more environmentally friendly option and much safer for our customers, with no unpleasant smells present compared to diesel based fogging. Through routine treatment, we can ensure your mosquito infestation is controlled.


Areas with stagnant water area such as storm drains, small ponds and pools are treated with larvicide to target mosquito larvae. For larger areas, we have also introduced our latest innovation, acoustic larviciding, which emits acoustic energy to destroy larvae instantly. This device can easily be customised to suit any needs.

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Mosquito Species

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