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Rat Riddance is a connected device that captures and kills rats effectively. Our innovation is suitable for high dependency industries as well as sectors such as food production where toxic solutions are not viable. 

The device is placed at strategic locations where rodent activity is suspected. The Rat Riddance is placed inside the premises and to be placed in areas with low foot fall or sensitive areas like server rooms to monitor pest infestation. Automatically activating once rodents are detected, the Rat Riddance Connect will send data of all catches to myRentokil for your access and viewing. Our team can quickly identify and review any gap in the solutions to ensure the programme continues to work.

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How It Works?


Rat Riddance is the connected remote monitoring device which traps rats effectively and kills them humanely


Continuous 24/7 Monitoring

When trap is activated, it sends out a signal to alert our technician to dispose of the carcass and clean it before resetting the trap


Integrated with myRentokil

The data and insights captured will be recorded inside myRentokil so you can use the reports generated for audit purposes


Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 Accessible Data - Improved data transparency and traceability
  • Self-contained Unit with Discreet Design - Hygienic and unobstructive
  • Non-toxic Solution - Rodents are killed instantly and humanely without use of rodenticide
  • Alert System - Pest activities will be captured and technicians will be alerted to schedule your next visit
  • Remote Monitoring - Self-monitoring capability so you can focus on your other priorities


Dual AutoGate

A connected solution to monitor rodent activity with motorised door that targets selected pests

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