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Shocking Growth of Dengue Cases in Malaysia

Dengue cases have increased with the growth of 277% as compared to the same period in 2013. Learn more about the alarming state of Dengue in Malaysia.

Dengue on the Rise

Dengue is still on the rise despite various preventative measures were in place. Read more about tips to find out the potential mosquito breeding hotspots.

El Nino Phenomenon May Increase Dengue and Malaria Cases in Malaysia

The Health Minister has predicted that there will be a rise of dengue and malaria in Malaysia. Find out more about the news.

ASEAN Dengue Day | What Do You Need to Know?

15th June marks the ASEAN Dengue Day. Learn more about dengue fever and what you can do to minimise the spread of this vector borne disease.

Useful Insights on Dengue Outbreak in conjunction with ASEAN Dengue Day

In conjunction with ASEAN Dengue Day, experts at Rentokil share insights on global innovations and factors that contributed to the dengue spike in Malaysia.

World Mosquito Day | 3 Common Misconceptions About Mosquito

Mosquitoes can be dangerous as they may carry life-threatening diseases. Learn 3 common misconceptions people have on mosquito.

5 Zika Virus Facts That You Need to Know

Zika virus infection has caused quite a stir in the news lately. Learn the facts and find out how you can protect yourself from this mosquito-borne disease.

ASEAN Dengue Day - Mosquito Bites [Infographic]

As dengue cases are on the rise, Malaysians are advised to take extra precaution to avoid mosquito bites. Check out the tips here to keep you protected.

7 Tips to Keep You Safe from Zika Virus Infection When Travelling During These Holiday Season

Zika virus is continuously spreading across Asia. Learn how you can protect yourself from this deadly mosquito bite when you travel.