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24/7 Monitoring Capabilities with Innovative Rat Riddance Connect

Rat riddance

With the ever changing industrial landscape, pest challenges are becoming much more complex and demanding. Immediate notifications and detailed information is no longer a desire, but has evolved into a necessity. Manual reports which can take days to build and analyse are no longer enough to meet our customer demands, hence over the last few years, Rentokil Initial Malaysia has been innovating our way of working and strive to enhance our services through digitisation. This has led to the birth of multiple innovations such as myRentokil, PestConnect and our latest innovation, the Rat Riddance Connect

The Rat Riddance Connect is the latest innovative solution to join the PestConnect family. The Rat Riddance Connect is a connected monitoring solution that enables 24/7 monitoring in sensitive areas around your business. The device utilises a snap trap mechanism with the addition of being connected to a control panel via the internet and sends out signals periodically for data throughout the day. Equipped with sensors, it is able to detect rodent activity and activate once a rodent is within reach, effectively killing it. At the same time, a signal is sent to the control panel, which then alerts our trained service technicians. This prompts them to arrange for an immediate service at the convenience of our customers, keeping business disruptions to a minimum.

We have recently launched Rat Riddance Connect at a well-known leisure centre with great success. Our customer was facing a unique rodent issue spanning across a large area with risks of multiple breakouts and Rat Riddance Connect was able to address these problems. 

The Challenge: Effective Rodent Monitoring with 24/7 Accessible Data and Zero Disruptions Throughout Large Premise with Rat Riddance


Our customer’s premise spans quite a large area with continuous business operations throughout the day. Due to this, there were patrons on the premise at all times which meant that routine service would often be conducted by sections or at odd hours. Furthermore, the large area allowed rodent infestations to easily breakout in different areas at the same time as well as contained many entry points for pests. One major pressing factor for reinfestation was the presence of food sources available round the clock. The combination of all these challenges presented a unique rodent issue that our customer faced.

The Objective

Hence, our customer was facing the dilemma of resolving their rodent issues while keeping their patrons from being disrupted from their activities. Our service technicians were only allowed to conduct services when there was slow traffic. To meet our customer needs, a unique solution was needed to solve a unique problem.

The Outcome


Three separate locations within our customer premises were fitted with rat riddance units, totalling 15 units overall. The units were strategically placed around the area and the first catchment occurred within the first week. Rodents are extremely cautious creatures and will usually leave new items placed around the area for weeks. Conventional rodent traps may be untouched for up to a month even with the use of baits. The fact that a catchment occurred within the first week shows the effectiveness of our units.

In total, within 7 weeks, 11 rodents were caught and notifications were sent through the system. Details on catchments were sent to myRentokil instantaneously and our customer was alerted when and where the catchment occurred. As a monitoring unit, the Rat Riddance Connect was able to alert our technicians immediately on areas where rodent proofing or other rodent solutions were necessary as well as prevent the rodent issue from escalating. 

Ultimately, the Rat Riddance Connect was successful in improving rodent monitoring by providing immediate alerts and service visits to remove dead rodents and data was immediately available to customers. These units were placed discreetly and required minimal checking to manage rodent issues our customer was facing as well as protect their business reputation. The Rat Riddance Connect offers 24/7 monitoring which is the ultimate solution for businesses that have a zero tolerance for rodents. To learn more about Rat Riddance Connect or our other solutions, call 1300 882 911 or visit our website today!