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Rentokil Initial Malaysia Gives Back Through CSR Programme

As the market leader in pest control and hygiene services, Rentokil Initial Malaysia is dedicated in giving back to the community by sharing our expertise and knowledge on pest and hygiene awareness. We have carried out several CSR activities throughout the year, one of which is gotong-royong. With the help of our management, staff, family and friends, we had carried out gotong-royong activities in old folks homes and orphanages across Malaysia. Besides removing stagnant water and cleaning up the homes, our pest control experts were also deployed to fog the premises to ensure a healthier and safer environment for the occupants.

Besides that, we have also extended a helping hand to an elderly couple in need. The elderly couple, one whom is completely paralysed, while another have walking difficulties, lives with their mentally challenged son in a filthy condition. Their house was also filled with bed bugs. After learning their story, we immediately got in touch with them and offered a complimentary bed bug treatment.

Adopt-A-School programme is also one of our CSR pillars where we educate all young children on good personal hygiene habits by providing their school washroom with a complete hygiene facilities. We then share our expertise in the subject matters through Personal Hygiene Awareness Talk (PHAT), which have been carried out nationwide. In 2017, this programme has benefitted 1,335 students and 35 teachers.

PHAT usually started with an informative Dengue Awareness Talk by our Field Biologist from Rentokil Pest Control to a room full of enthusiastic and participative students. This is aimed at raising awareness and strengthen preventive measures against Aedes mosquitoes and dengue fever. It is especially important in Selangor as it has the highest cases of reported dengue fever in Malaysia.

After that, Hygiene Experts from Initial Hygiene proceeded to educate students about the differences between cleanliness, hygiene and good washroom habits. Our Hygiene Experts also demonstrated the proper hand washing methods to all students and teachers, emphasising on how these methods will be helpful in reducing the chances of falling sick due to cross-contamination.

The students were very participative and thoroughly engaged with our materials, especially animated videos and our handwashing jingle. At the end of the talk session, all students were given an educational pack that comes with useful goodies such as hand sanitiser and mosquito repellent patch, helping them to adopt a hygienic lifestyle right from the young age.

Echoing our mission to “Protect People, Enhance Lives”, Ms. Carol Lam, the Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Malaysia said, “At Rentokil Initial, we highly emphasise the significance of maintaining proper sanitation and proactive measures to sustain a healthy environment. We leverage on our passion and technical expertise to help us guide the community. For years, we have carried out numerous programmes and activities as we hope to do what is right for our community whilst strengthening our company vision and values.”

Malaysian children at school