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Lending A Helping Hand To Family With Severe Bed Bug Issue

Lending A Helping Hand To Family With Severe Bed Bug Issue

At Rentokil Initial Malaysia, we strongly believe that we can do good for the community by helping the people in need through our pest control and hygiene knowledge. When we heard the plea of a disabled family living in a bed bug infested home, we knew that we need to put our expertise in action.

We first received the agonising news that was published on Kwongwah newspaper through Adelene Huong, who left us a message on our Facebook page. It was really heartbreaking to learn that an elderly couple (one completely paralysed and another with difficulties in walking due to infection on both legs) as well as their mentally challenged son were living in a filthy condition - besides that, their house was also filled with bed bugs.

With years of dealing with bed bug infestation, we can understand the discomfort that the family are facing. Although bed bug bites don’t cause any diseases, they can still be very distressing and in some cases the bites can become sore, itchy and lead to painful skin rashes. Hence, we knew that we have to do something to help this poor family from misery.

Vivian, the Branch Manager in Penang, immediately got in touch with the family to schedule for an inspection. The first visit was a heartbreaking moment for our team as the house was in extremely poor living condition. Our service technician then carried out the bed bug treatment after the inspection and we are glad that the bed bug problem has significantly improved since then.

As part of our vision and commitment in Protecting People and Enhancing Lives, we are determined to do our part and ensure that the people’s wellbeing and health are continuously well taken care of.