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Jamaica QIS Requirements

Jamaica Plant Quarantine Service is a government body whose main objective is to prevent the introduction and spread of pests and disease into and out of Jamaica.

Goods, vessels and people entering Jamaica have a responsibility to ensure the goods, commodities and themselves are pest and disease free.

Our fumigation services can assist your business to comply with Jamaica QIS requirements in fumigating certain materials as specified in an Jamaica QIS inspection.

All our treatments meet the Jamaica QIS standards and with 340 qualified pest control technicians located across the country we can deliver specialist fumigation solutions wherever you need it.

How Jamaica QIS Works

Jamaica QIS inspect certain risk materials coming into Jamaica and determine whether they require some type of fumigation or treatment - this is where Rentokil Fumigation and Quarantine can help. Importers should advise Jamaica QIS of goods coming into Jamaica and Jamaica QIS will determine whether they require some type of treatment.

Call Rentokil’s Head Office on 876-926-4236 to discuss how our range of fumigation solutions can help you meet all Jamaica QIS requirements.

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