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Fumigation Solutions

Rentokil offers a range of professional pest fumigation treatments to keep your environment pest-free and compliant with healthy and safety regulations.

We deliver practical fumigation service solutions to safeguard businesses such as shipping and cargo, manufacturing, warehousing, milling and agriculture.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians use the latest fumigant technology to avoid extensive disruption to your operations.

Eliminating Pests in Commodities

Fumigation is effective in targeting Stored Product Insects (SPIs) such as beetles, weevils, mites and moths. SPIs can infest grain and bulk commodities such as cocoa, rice, nuts and animal feed – along with other raw materials used within food and feed manufacture.

Preventative & Curative Treatments

Rentokil offers both preventive and curative treatments of grain and animal feed, to include:

Heat Treatments

We also offer other innovations like Entotherm heat treatments utilising the application of dry heat to eliminate pests at all lifecycle stages in one fast-acting treatment.

Fumigation Services at Sea

Shipping and cargo fumigation treatments are also available to control infestations of bulk consignments at sea, and in port; ensuring shipments are transported safely and without risk of contamination.

Fumigation is achieved through in-transit treatment and comprehensive container cleaning services.

For further information on the fumigation options available from Rentokil or to arrange for a free business survey, please call us on 876-926-4236.

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