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Many business establishments grapple with bird control issues on a daily basis when pigeons or gulls begin to roost on their property in large numbers. 

If it sometimes feels like you have tried a million new sprays, balms and gadgets to get rid of mosquitoes but the problem persists, you’re not alone. 

Termites are tiny insects that cause big problems. Every year, homeowners spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on major household repairs due to termite damage

There are many truths about bedbugs, but there ar also many myths that perpetuate misinformation about bedbugs, scaring hoteliers and their guests and even causing irreparable damage to business reputations.

Electronic traps are considered the gold standard in fly control, but not all are created equal. If you are in the market for fly control you would have noticed that traps vary widely in size, design and capabilities.

We know not everyone is a fan of bats inside their home. Apart from their unsettling presence, their excrement is unhygienic (and certainly unsightly) and some species can spread dangerous diseases, although this is rare. But did you know that bats are essential to our environment and are a protected species in most countries?

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