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Ant Control Service In San Juan

Ants are one of the most common—and most dreaded—pest problems for homes and businesses alike. Ants may not be the most destructive pest, but they are certainly one of the most difficult to deal with. Infestations spread quickly and are notoriously difficult to control without the help of an ant exterminator.

Here at Rentokil formerly Oliver Exterminating, we are committed to keeping you, your family, and your property safe from ants all year round. We have years of experience providing the San Juan area with effective, long-lasting ant removal.

How to Keep Ants Away

Because ants are such a common household pest, it’s important to know what you can do to help keep them away. Once ants infest your home or business, it’s difficult to get rid of them. As with all pests, prevention is the key to keeping ants away! Our top three ant prevention tips include:

  1. Eliminate excess moisture and standing water. Ants are attracted to water and will congregate to leaky pipes, standing water, and humid crawl spaces. Promptly repair anything that may be contributing to moisture problems.
  2. Seal entry points to keep ants out. Ants can crawl through the tiniest of openings to make their way into your home. Inspect and seal cracks in window and door frames, floorboards, and more.
  3. Limit ants’ access to food and resources. Crumbs, spills, and pet food left out are all common attractants of ants. Quickly clean up messes to keep ants away from your floors and counters.

Common Ants In Puerto Rico:

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Do You Need An Ant Exterminator?

When you begin to notice ants in your kitchen or bathroom, what’s the first thing you do? Many rush to the store to pick up chemical-filled products that, at best, are a short term solution. For long-lasting ant control, all-natural or DIY methods will simply not stand.

Ant infestations can grow at alarming rates, and DIY ant control can simply delay the process of getting rid of the entire colony. For this reason, it’s important to always use a pest control company for effective, reliable ant extermination. It’s even more important to hire an ant exterminator when you’re dealing with more dangerous ant species, including carpenter ants and fire ants.

At Rentokil formerly Oliver Exterminating, we know how frustrating ants can be for you and your family. Our ant exterminators use a highly effective ant extermination process that is proven to get rid of ants and keep them away—for good.

Our Ant Removal Services Include The Following:

  • A thorough property inspection to identify the source of the infestation and the ant species
  • Placement or application of ant control products and insecticides
  • Complete sealing of entry points to control sources of the infestation
  • A detailed ant removal report describing the treatment
  • Ant control and prevention tips to avoid future infestations

Long-Lasting Ant Control Services

There’s a reason why we’re San Juan’s most trusted ant exterminators: we use ant removal methods that work! Our ant control service focuses focus on controlling active infestations and ensuring future ones don’t start. As soon as you notice an ant problem in your home or business, it’s time to call the ant exterminators at Rentokil!


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