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Integrated Pest Management for F&B Industry

More than ever before, food establishments must be prepared to meet the high standards in compliance with industry’s audit standards and statutory obligations expected by the public and enforced by the various regulatory bodies of the Malaysian Government.

With your customer's health, potential non-compliance by employees, negative inspection reports and reputation at stake, it is crucial to adhere to the health code without disrupting the service in your establishment. We have responded positively to this challenge by developing the 4N8D Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programme designed especially for F&B establishments to protect your business reputation.

Risks and Hazard involved

  • Chemical risk - Chemical residues in food

  • Microbiological risk - Salmonella, E.coli, Listeria

    Pests are proven carriers of these food-borne disease pathogens
  • Physical risk - Physical Live or dead insect, rodent hair, excreta and body parts will also make food repulsive

4N8D Integrated Pest Management Programme

(For common pests: CockroachesAnts and Rats)

  • a. Quarterly Integrated Intensive Night Treatment

  • b. 8 x Day Treatment

  • c. Quarterly Pest Monitoring

  • d. Yearly Quality Check

  • e. Document Filing

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