6 Simple Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes At Home

As much as we love our fun in the sun, there’s always one thing which is a total buzz kill (pun intended)… mosquitoes!

Have you ever wondered if you’re a favourite go-to restaurants for blood thirsty mosquitoes or just plain unlucky? To save yourselves from becoming a free-for-all buffet for these pesky insects, we have come up with 7 simple ways which even do-it-yourselfers will be pleased!

1. Green fingers

Turns out having a knack at gardening is a great way to help prevent mosquitoes, especially these 5 plants. During the day, some vegetation such as long grass and plants provide mosquitoes with a great place to rest and survive hot temperatures without drying out.

It’s probably a good idea to regularly maintain your garden by keeping the grass short to around 3 inches tall and keep plants and bushes trimmed and kept tidy.

2. Invest in a fan

Believe it or not, these marvellous inventions can also help prevent mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are quite weak flyers. So ceiling fans, as well as desk fans and tower fans, can all help repel mosquitoes by making it very difficult for them to fly, forcing them out of the room.

3. Get rid of water

Stagnant waters found in pots, drains, used tyres, etc. provide mosquitoes with an excellent breeding ground to lay their eggs. So, to make your home and garden less attractive to these pesky biting insects, you should remove any stagnant water that might have collected in and around your home and garden.

4. Protect your pond

You’re probably thinking if standing water attracts mosquitoes then what about ponds?

Well, you’re right! Ponds do provide mosquitoes with another opportunity to lay their eggs. Luckily, there is something you can do to prevent your pond from turning into a maternity ward for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes aren’t big fans of laying their eggs in moving water so installing a fountain, or a water agitator will help prevent mosquitoes in your garden. If these aren’t viable, you could consider getting a larvicide treatment to stop the growth of mosquitoes.

5. What about your pets?

What’s another source of water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in around your home and garden? Pet water dishes!

We all love our pets, and it’s important to ensure they always have some water at hand to drink when they are thirsty, but this can also attract mosquitoes. Don’t worry, just keep changing the water regularly in your pets water dish as it will keep these blood suckers away!

6. Stock up on fine mesh

As much as you enjoy free-flowing, fresh air, some fresh, cool air into your home. This might be an open invitation for mosquitoes to enter your home.

Don’t worry though, installing fine mesh screens which are bug tight (around 18×18 strands per inch) in doorways and windows can help block off the easy entrance points for mosquitoes whilst also letting you keep that cool breeze run through your home.

These simple tips can help get rid of mosquitoes in your home. However, it’s important to know that these aren’t foolproof solutions. The best way to keep your home 100% safe from mosquitoes is to enlist the help of a pest control professional.

As mosquitoes are quite evasive, having a comprehensive defence against mosquitoes is exceptionally crucial to keep you protected at all times. With our Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) programme, you can get rid of mosquitoes at any of its life cycle holistically and thus, effectively as well.

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