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The Implications of Birds on Your Premises

Bird Feeding

Recent news in Malaysia have shown that the authorities are taking serious actions by closing down businesses that do not adhere to proper hygiene standards. Dirty surroundings, improper practices as well as pest infestations can contaminate products and stocks, which will jeopardise consumers. Pest control is important for many businesses as it ensures that infestations are kept to a minimum, however while we’re busy looking down for cockroaches and rats, we forget we have another enemy in the air. Birds

Contamination of Products Through Droppings

Pigeons Sitting

Birds can have serious implications for businesses that can cause revenue loss or irreparable damage to the business. Roosting birds can contaminate your products or stocks through their droppings or feathers. Bird droppings are known to carry Salmonella, Ornithosis, Histoplasmosis and other dangerous diseases. Your consumers will face health risks if your products have been exposed to bird droppings. 

Additionally, this could cause severe reputational damage if your brand is associated with a hygiene scandal. If your customers find traces of bird droppings or feathers, all it takes is one social media post for your brand to be in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Furthermore, the presence of birds can cause you to fail audits and as mentioned above, forced closure by authorities. All in all, businesses big or small will face huge revenue losses with the presence of birds around their premises. 

Slips,Trips and Falls

Droppings can also cause slips, trips and falls on your premises. For businesses, this means your employees could easily injure themselves when working and cause productivity in your workforce to drop. In the case of serious injuries, your company could be found liable and can lead to lawsuits of negligence, especially if a guest tripped and fell. Not only does this negatively impact your business, it could also affect the livelihood of your employees or guests. 

Structural Damage to your Building


Bird droppings can also cause structural damage to your building. Uric acid contained in the droppings can cause your building to degrade, not to mention the unsightly stains they leave. In fact, these stains are enough to deter customers from visiting your premises or cause potential business partners to second guess their decision to work with you. Ultimately, your revenue could be jeopardised by birds. 

What Can You Do


While birds may be a nuisance, killing them is not a humane option. What we can do is bird proof your building to ensure they are not able to roost and leave droppings or build nests. Rentokil Initial provides unique bird proofing solutions that suits your business needs and helps to prevent birds from entering your premises. For more information on how to manage bird infestations, call us at 1300 881 911 or visit our website today