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Elevating Food Safety, Reducing Pest Risks through Internet of Things Innovations

On a daily basis, the usage of smart devices to stay up to date with the latest information is now the norm. This is no different for businesses and industries. Companies, big or small, are operating using devices that are not only able to collect, track and analyse data, but also communicate with one another. From tracking shipments to monitoring factory processes, these connected devices are communicating with one another to meet deadlines, share data and information, ensure processes are completed smoothly as well as predict possible problems, all of which makes up the Internet of Things (IoT) process.

Elevating Food Safety

This is even more prevalent in the food industry. Growing populations worldwide have increased food demand, which is especially true for developing countries. Paired with the advent of globalisation, many companies are facing worldwide demands, not just nationwide. To keep up with this demand,numerous devices and innovations have been introduced to improve efficiency. Supply chains are being automated to increase productivity, however this opens up the gateway to increased pest activities! Hence, it is only natural for Rentokil to innovate with digital pest solutions to meet the increasingly challenging pest risks. As Diamond Sponsors once again, Rentokil is proud to be partnering with the Global Food Safety Conference and achieve the theme of “One Connected World. One Safe Food Supply” through our IoT ecosystem, PestConnect.

Automated Pest Monitoring and Reporting

Automated Pest Monitoring and Reporting

Conventional pest control methods are normally focused on constant return trips to the customer premise which can be quite disruptive to the business. Furthermore, areas which are highly sensitive to third parties are not advisable to be visited frequently as there could be data breaches or damages. With PestConnect, we are able to reduce the need for human interaction as well as be deployed in hard to reach or sensitive areas within customer premises. Strategically placed connected devices are able to collect data automatically. These devices are able to detect the presence of pests and report captures to our customer platform, myRentokil. At the same time, these devices also send alerts to our system to notify our technicians of captures. This reduces business disruptions and ensures prompt actions, reducing costs for businesses in the long run.

Robust Customer Platform

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Obtaining physical reports for audit purposes can be time consuming, and requires a lot of reliance on field biologists and other parties to compile the necessary data. This can sometimes take weeks to correctly compile for audit submissions. Our PestConnect ecosystem allows for multitudes of valuable data to be captured and analysed through myRentokil. This platform allows our customers to look at their current service coverage, identify areas where pest activities are high as well as historical data. 

Furthermore, myRentokil has reports to show pest trends and actions taken, as well as monitor and manage recommendations given by our expert service technicians. Customers are able to fully customize reports to suit their needs down to the specific type of pests as well as in specific areas.  Data is transmitted routinely which grants our customer to get updates at their convenience. This helps to facilitate pest management in the entire premise as well as support customers through important audits. 

Through PestConnect, food safety can be elevated to meet increasingly challenging pest risks as well as customer demands efficiently and effectively leaving you time to focus more on your business. To learn more about how PestConnect can help your business manage pest risks, call 1300 882 911 or visit our website today!