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A Holistic Approach to Pest Control with PestConnect

Colleague pest inspection

Partnering with a pest control company is necessary for many businesses to operate but many business owners fail to understand that pest control is not just about spraying pesticides. If all you did was kill pests as and when you see them, your problem would never be solved and would end up costing much more over time. A holistic approach is needed to address the underlying problem and this can be achieved through integrated pest management (IPM).

What is IPM  

Integrated pest management is the best approach in handling pest risk management. Instead of focusing on just treating pre-existing infestations, IPM applies a combination of strategies which falls into one of four categories: Exclusion, Restriction, Destruction and Monitoring. What this means is, businesses will have to partner closely with pest control operators to adhere to these standards for the best possible results.

Integrated pest management

i) Exclusion

Prevent access of pests through entry points by sealing holes or gaps. This also entails proofing of all possible entry points such as drain pipes, roofs, cracks in walls, etc. This helps to minimise the chances of new pests entering the premises.

ii) Restriction 

Ensure pest attractants such as food sources or harborage areas are removed and strict hygiene practices are enforced. Pests invade buildings as it provides them with shelter from the elements as well as a ready supply of food and water. By restricting access to these food sources, current infestations will find it difficult to survive which reduces infestation levels.

iii) Destruction

Applying proper treatment solutions specially suited for your premise and targeted pests. Each of these treatments is applied by our trained technicians to ensure the proper application and dosage is followed for optimum efficacy. The goal of this treatment is to reduce infestation levels to a minimum and Rentokil has taken this to new heights by continuously researching and developing new innovations and non-toxic solutions.  

iv) Monitoring

Once infestations are controlled, monitoring solutions should be placed around the premise to ensure any signs of infestations are picked up early. A holistic internal and external defense will ensure that your entire premise is closely monitored and that possible infestations can be picked up on regularly scheduled visits.

PestConnect - A digital approach to IPM

PestConnect is our way of revolutionising pest monitoring. It is an ecosystem of connected devices that is able to capture and send data back into our customer portal, myRentokil, for our customers to analyse and track current infestations, as well as identifying possible infestations before they happen. PestConnect also provides our customers 24/7 monitoring, allows them to engage in proactive measures and can significantly increase response times from our technicians.

Integrated pest management

PestConnect currently consists of Rat Riddance Connect, a digitally connected snap trap that is placed indoors. The Rat Riddance Connect is able to detect rodent activity and once activated, it will send a signal to alert our technicians of a capture and prompt them to arrange an appointment with our customers. All captures are synced to myRentokil for viewing and analysis by our customers.

Furthermore, we have an exciting new innovation joining the PestConnect family that enables us to fully implement the three line defense in our customers premises. The Dual AutoGate Connect is placed in line one and two, effectively monitoring for signs of activities and gives our customers warnings if an infestation is on the rise. With these two digital innovations, PestConnect is able to take pest control standards to new heights to meet our customers demands and needs

One-off pest control is not sufficient nor acceptable to identify, treat and prevent infestations from occurring in your business. Integrated Pest Management is key to ensuring your company is protected and digital pest solutions can monitor for signs of infestations around the clock. Elevate your standards with Rentokil’s PestConnect and digitalise today, call 1300881911 or fill in a form on our website.