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Moth Treatments for Your Business

A moth problem can be very damaging for any business or organisation.

If your business deals in textiles, fabrics, carpets, woollen garments or upholstery, then moths can ruin stock. They can also contaminate any stored products or foodstuffs, and an untreated infestation may mean you no longer comply with legislation. They can even damage process equipment and machinery, and for somewhere like a museum or historic property a moth problem can ruin priceless and irreplaceable artefacts.

As soon as you notice signs of moths, like holes in materials or larvae and eggs, you need to call in the professionals.

Tailored Solution to Your Moth Problem

Our certified Technicians are authorities on moth infestations. Using their expert knowledge, they’ll identify the species that’s creating your moth problem and recommend targeted, effective treatment. This might include sprays, pheromone disruption and fumigants to reach all the problem areas and remove the moths for good.

We can even offer you our chemical-free ‘heat treatments’ that will get rid of moths, larvae and eggs in delicate items that can’t be easily laundered.

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FACT: The warehouse moth is a common & serious food pest in [country], damaging stored foodstuffs such as cocoa beans, dried fruit, nuts and chocolate.

Our Five Step Process

  • Our qualified Surveyor will arrange a convenient time with you for a full inspection of your premises.
  • The Surveyor will recommend a treatment plan based on your infestation – and give you a cost to put the plan into action.
  • Once you’ve approved the price, the Surveyor will arrange times for a Technician to visit and resolve the moth problem. You may need several visits depending on the treatment.
  • On the first visit, the Technician will run through the treatment process before the work begins.
  • We’ll also give you advice on how to make sure your moth problem doesn’t come back.

Pheromone Disruption

Effective, insecticide-free approach to moth control

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