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Stored product insects

Stored product insects encompass a wide array of insect species capable of infesting various stored commodities, notably foodstuffs such as grains, cereals, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and tobacco. These pests pose significant health hazards in both residential and commercial settings, including food processing plants, warehouses, bakeries, stores, restaurants, mills, farms, and silos.

Beyond the health risks, stored product insects also cause substantial economic losses by damaging and contaminating food products, rendering them unsuitable for human consumption. Consequently, businesses involved in food processing or grain storage can experience severe repercussions from infestations.

Implementing an ongoing professional pest management program is crucial for the containment and eradication of infestations, alongside rigorous hygiene and sanitation practices, including stock rotation in compliance with relevant regulations. By adopting these measures, businesses can effectively mitigate the risks associated with stored product insects and safeguard both public health and economic interests.


Flour beetle

Rentokil ensures a safe and efficient flour beetle control treatment for businesses in the stored product industry, such as food manufacturing and storage.

Indian flower moth

Implementing treatments targeted at Indian flour moths in different developmental stages disrupts their life cycle and mitigates the threat of damage to stored commodities like grains, cereals, seeds, and tobacco.

Grain beetle

Rentokil offers professional treatment of grain beetles, often found in stored products such as cereals and seeds, for manufacturing and warehousing businesses, with solutions suited to your needs.

Rice Weevil

Safe, effective rice weevil control. All treatments are customised based on the maturity and location of the weevils.

Tobacco beetle

Treatment of tobacco beetles in various life stages of development helps disturb their cycle and reduce the risk of damage to stored products such as grains, cereals, seeds and tobacco.


Rentokil offers professional treatment of booklice, with solutions suited to your specific requirements.

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Pest risk assessment

We carry out a comprehensive survey of your sites to assess existing pest problems, future risks, and health and safety hazards specific to your business environment.

  • On-site pest review and consultancy
  • Professional pest prevention advice and recommendations

Tailored pest control solutions

We work with you to develop an integrated pest management program, bespoke to your business needs.

  • Certified service technicians will provide targeted pest treatment and preventative measures
  • In-depth, industry-specific legislation expertise ensures audit compliance
  • Account management tools to schedule treatments and receive instant updates

National account management

We provide a tailored review process to ensure services are efficient, effective and continually compliant

  • Single point of contact
  • Central reporting across the entire business estate
  • Comprehensive reports and recommendations to support third-party audits
  • Priority access to market-leading pest technologies and innovations
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