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Rodent control

Our rodent control solutions are designed to effectively control infestations in high-risk areas and cater to every business need. The presence of rodents can jeopardise business reputations and cause significant financial losses through product recalls, forced shutdowns and operational disruption.

Therefore, proper rodent pest control can help to avoid these disasters and ensure business operations are running smoothly.

Business Consequences

  • Alarm: immediate loss of trust from customers and employees especially in food processing, industrial and manufacturing, and food and beverage sectors.
  • Damage: goods and equipment such as computers, electrical appliances, wires and pipes in offices and business premises.
  • Losses: infestations may cause product recalls and loss of contracts, which can lead to financial loss and damage to brand reputation.
  • Legal: failure to comply with legislation could lead to fines or business closure.

Even rats outside in the garden can present tremendous risk, particularly since those areas are visited by children and pets.

Pest risk assessment

We carry out a comprehensive survey of your sites to assess existing pest problems, future risks, and health and safety hazards specific to your business environment.

  • On-site pest review and consultancy
  • Professional pest prevention advice and recommendations

Tailored pest control solutions

We work with you to develop an integrated pest management program, bespoke to your business needs.

  • Certified service technicians will provide targeted pest treatment and preventative measures
  • In-depth, industry-specific legislation expertise ensures audit compliance
  • Account management tools to schedule treatments and receive instant updates

National account management

We provide a tailored review process to ensure services are efficient, effective and continually compliant

  • Single point of contact
  • Central reporting across the entire business estate
  • Comprehensive reports and recommendations to support third-party audits
  • Priority access to market-leading pest technologies and innovations
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Rodents transmit a wide range of diseases. Learn more about the types of rodents found across Israel.

With over 50 years of experience in Israel, Rentokil has become the largest and most trusted brand in pest control.

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