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Protecting your food retail store, brand, and reputation

The food retail sector plays a crucial role in the food chain, serving as the final step before food reaches the consumer. As such, it bears the greatest responsibility for ensuring food safety and traceability and providing accurate consumer information.

As a food retailer, you understand the significance of upholding stringent food safety standards. Maintaining a hygienic environment, free from pests, is paramount to safeguarding the quality and integrity of the products you offer to your customers. The presence of pests can compromise food safety, lead to product contamination, and damage your brand reputation.

Ensuring a pest-free environment is crucial for food retail businesses. The presence of pests not only poses a threat to the integrity of your products but also jeopardises the trust and reputation you have built with your customers. At Rentokil Pest Control, we specialise in providing effective and tailored pest control solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of the food retail industry.

Our comprehensive range of pest control methods aims to prevent infestations, control existing pests, and implement long-term strategies to protect your premises. With our expertise, advanced technologies, and commitment to excellence, we stand ready to protect your business from the risks associated with pests.

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Why Rentokil?

  • Audit Support - we have an in-depth understanding of Israel's legislation including internal and external audit requirements for the food-related industry.
  • Online Reporting - our online reporting application, myRentokil, allows better traceability and easy access to all key information about the pest management situation on your premises​.
  • Dedicated Account Owner - supports multi-site customers to achieve a consistent approach across all facilities with one point of contact.

Pest risk assessment

We carry out a comprehensive survey of your sites to assess existing pest problems, future risks, and health and safety hazards specific to your business environment.

  • On-site pest review and consultancy
  • Professional pest prevention advice and recommendations

Tailored pest control solutions

We work with you to develop an integrated pest management program, bespoke to your business needs.

  • Certified service technicians will provide targeted pest treatment and preventative measures
  • In-depth, industry-specific legislation expertise ensures audit compliance
  • Account management tools to schedule treatments and receive instant updates

National account management

We provide a tailored review process to ensure services are efficient, effective and continually compliant

  • Single point of contact
  • Central reporting across the entire business estate
  • Comprehensive reports and recommendations to support third-party audits
  • Priority access to market-leading pest technologies and innovations
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With over 50 years of experience in Israel, Rentokil has become the largest and most trusted brand in pest control.