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myRentokil - Digital Pest Control Reporting

Rentokil Eesti has developed a digital data collection and reporting solution.

  • Data Collection
  • Cloud-based data warehouse
  • Interative report

Why is a digital report a good idea?

  1. Quicker access to the results of an inspection and response.
  2. Access to electronic reports by all roles in an organisation.
  3. Visual pest trends analysis in real time and an opportunity to adopt measures.
  4. Continuous electronic access to safety data sheets, medical certificates, and inspection reports, eliminating the need to archive and store papers yourself.
  5. Collecting and sharing photos during an inspection enables more exact response at the production site.

  • Data are collected directly at the production site with a mobile device and the results are stored on an ongoing basis in a cloud-based database
  • The customer will immediately have an access to the inspection report over the Internet.
  • Interactive reporting enables viewing detailed results of the last and previous visits.
  • Internet-based access to safety instructions, plans, and medical certificates. No need to store papers on the site.

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