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Residual Disinfection

Most viruses are transmitted through respiratory droplets that move and land on surfaces via an infected individual’s cough or sneeze. These droplets can stay active for hours, and even days, depending on the type of material and can then be spread through touch. An outbreak of a highly infectious virus therefore requires immediate action to prevent the spread to other surfaces and areas.

Our Residual Disinfection service utilises ULV (Ultra-Light Volume) misting which enables the disinfectant to be applied across a wide surface area with an instant effect.

Attributes of our Residual Disinfection Service

  • We utilise a high-level surface disinfectant - named Steri-7which kills 99.9999% of pathogens within seconds of contact.
  • Ongoing Protection - Steri-7 also offers reactive barrier technology providing continuous protection on surfaces for up to 7 days.
  • Rapidly covers a large surface - Our disinfectant is applied via misting which ensures swift distribution, covering a wide surface area in very little time.
  • Thoroughly disinfects - Objects and areas that are normally unreachable during manual cleaning procedures, can now be disinfected through exceptionally small droplets of the disinfectant fog which lands underneath, on top of and on the sides of surfaces and objects. 
  • Minimal disruption to business - staff and customers can return to site within minutes of the application being completed.
  • An ideal solution for the food processing sector - This service is safe for use in food preparation and food handling sites making this a suitable disinfection application for food processing plants.

Our service meets international standards

Our professional technicians perform the residual disinfection application from start to finish in all essential PPE and practice the highest international standards of protocol and conduct. The equipment and disinfectant used during the service complies with all safety and legal requirements.

Rentokil’s Residual Disinfection Service is available across Barbados with response within 24-48 hours of request.

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