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Rentokil’s portable, chemical-free heat pod is a quick and effective treatment, which is used to treat all types of pest insects through the controlled application of heat.

Our Entotherm Heat Pod kills all stages of an insect’s lifecycle from egg to adult inside the pod, making it a fast acting, cost effective way to manage pest infestations.

The chemical-free heat remedy reaches all areas of insect infested materials placed within the unique Rentokil-designed pod and is suitable for hotelshospitals and food processing industries.

Benefits of Rentokil’s Heat Pod

Only one treatment is needed, but follow-up insecticide treatments will be required to fully control an infestation.

Minimal Disruption

Designed by Rentokil to be fuss-free set up on premises, the Entotherm Heat Pod offers the ease and convenience of on-site treatment, eliminating the risk of damage to items during transport.

Heat treatment via the Entotherm Heat Pod is effective against most types of pest insects associated with everyday items such as textiles, furniture and soft furnishing. This technique is ideal for use with items infested by bed bugscockroachesstored product insects and textile pests.

Mini Version

Rentokil offers a scaled down version of the Entotherm Heat Pod, allowing the 6ft x 6ft x 8ft system to fit comfortable in smaller, confined spaces.

The Mini Entotherm Heat Pod remains as effective in treating furniture, fabrics and soft furnishing – and is simply catered for use in compact areas such as bedrooms.

Flexible Version

The adaptability of the Flexible Entotherm Heat Pod allows Rentokil to treat irregularly shaped items such as process equipment or bakery machinery which do not fit the standard parameters of the original Entotherm Heat Pod.

The chemical-free solution is well suited for a wide range of customers from care homes, hospitals, food processing facilities, hotels, bakeries and guest houses to residential properties.

How Entotherm Heat Pod System Works

  • Uses an integrated heater and fan system
  • Delivers and distributes heat within the pod quickly and safely until it reaches the desired temperature.
  • Eradicates pest insect in two ways:
    • denaturing the protein within their bodies
    • disrupting the waxy layers on the outside of the insect, causing dehydration.
  • Electric heat probes located within the pod monitor and record core temperatures which ensures an even heat distribution.
  • Treatment is monitored remotely via a laptop, producing a computer generated graph as proof of successful heat exposure for the required length of time.
  • Insect-infested items are heated to eradicate pest, but not at temperatures high enough to cause any damage to items in the pod.

For further information on our Entotherm Heat Pod treatment or to discuss the suitability of heat treatment for your needs, please call us on 246 429 3546.

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