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Spider Services for Your Business

Due to the common fear of spiders, discovering a problem in your business could have a big effect on your employees and your customers. If the spider problem is located in a public area it could also scare away potential customers leading to loss of earnings.

Professional treatments are often recommended to deal with the discovery of a large population of spiders on your premises, especially to avoid any potential risk of spider bites.

Rentokil’s Spider Inspection & Monitoring Service

Our spider inspection and monitoring service provides the reassurance you need for complete control of your problem.

We can identify specific spider species that may be harmful and offer professional treatments to guarantee complete removal of your problem.

Our service benefits include:

  • 24 hour response guaranteed
  • FREE business site survey
  • Discreet, targeted spider treatment - professional treatment options include: web clearing treatments, insecticidal sprays, insecticidal fogging and heat treatment.
  • Peace of mind monitoring – we will install invertebrate monitors (insect monitor units) designed to trap spiders but not attract them. Our monitors are strategically positioned in areas spiders are likely to be foraging, sheltering and seeking mates.
  • Expert technicians – our technicians are qualified experts in the habits and lifecycle of spiders. Caught spiders will be professionally identified and if any harmful species are found, we will provide treatment advice.
  • Sector specific expertise – our comprehensive range of treatment options means we can provide a solution that best suits your business needs, with minimum disruption to your daily operation.
  • Legislation expertise – our treatments comply with all legal and health & safety requirements.

Do You Require Spider Removal for Your Business?

Finding a spider web is very common but does not necessarily mean you need professional control.

Discovering a large infestation of spiders though can be very frightening and will require professional treatment. A serious spider problem can prove difficult to remove.

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