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Mouse Monitor Unit

Our innovative Mouse Monitor Unit (MMU) provides early, accurate detection of mice in your business. Early detection means problems can be eliminated before they become a major threat.

Only available from Rentokil, the MMU uses advanced infra-red sensor technology to detect and monitor mice activity and may even be used in sensitive environments. It can be installed in businesses where there are heavy restrictions on the use of more conventional methods such as rodenticides.

Benefits of Mouse Monitoring

Using our MMU ensures a proactive approach to mouse control and means that control measures need only be taken if mice are detected.

  1. Suitable for use in sensitive locations - Monitor units are non-toxic and can be placed at wall/floor junctions where mice follow repeated paths.
  2. Accurate insight - Into pest activity and identification of last activation, enables your Technician to advise on targeted and effective mouse control for a quicker solution to any mouse problems. The MMU can be a part of PestNetOnline with all activities and problems recorded online and available to access 24/7.
  3. Constant monitoring - The potential for a mouse infestation always exists, so constant vigilance is essential. Our MMU offers peace of mind through constant monitoring, ensuring minimum use of rodenticides.
  4. Environmentally-friendly - Minimises the use of rodenticides. Control measures will only be needed if mice are detected.
  5. Discrete and unobtrusive - No interference to your daily business operations.

Businesses Which Could Benefit:

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How Mouse Monitoring Works

Every unit has an entrance at each end, to allow mice to run through it. As the mouse breaks two consecutive infra-red beams, it activates the flashing warning light.

Once triggered the Unit will continue to flash until a Rentokil Technician checks and resets the unit.

  • From the MMU, your Technician can identify the time the unit was activated.
  • The information gained from the MMU helps your Technician to advise on the most targeted and effective form of pest control treatment.

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