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Mice FAQs

How long do mice live?

Mice generally have a lifespan of up to around 18 months.

How often do mice reproduce?

Mice can give birth when they are two months old and can have babies 6 to 10 times per year.

Can I get ill from being near or in contact with a mouse?

It depends on the species, but some mice can carry germs in their urine which can cause illness and allergies. They can also spread disease through ticks, fleas and mites. This is why professional mouse control is so important.

Do mice bite?

Yes - although it's fairly rare.

How small can a hole be for a mouse to squeeze through?

A 6mm gap is enough for a mouse. Proofing your home, by sealing gaps, plays a critical role in helping to deter mice and prevent a possible infestation.

How can I get rid of mice?

You can get rid of mice by using mouse traps. Professional solutions offer the most efficient way to control and keep mice away. These include Rentokil’s Mouse Monitor Unit and RADAR mouse trap.

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