The Rentokil Advent Calendar

What better way is there to build excitement towards Christmas than with an advent calendar, which offers something different and unexpected every day.

The Rentokil Advent Calendar

Starting on Monday 1st December, you can join in our countdown to Christmas, by taking part in Rentokil’s unique advent calendar competition on our Facebook page:

Whilst ordinarily you may find little hidden miniature chocolate treats or little toys or trinkets behind each window, we have taken a different approach. Read More »

Happy Birthday Mickey!

Today marks the 86th anniversary of the first appearance of Hollywood’s most prolific ‘pest’.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse made his official debut in the black and white cartoon Steamboat Willie on 18 November 1928.  Had he been real, then to date, his descendants would exceed 20 billion. And if all his descendants formed an orderly queue, they would stretch around the earth’s circumference 51 times. Read More »

Prevent Termites from Taking Over your Home!

Termites consume cellulosic material from dead wood or wood by-products. In Malaysia, Subterranean termites are usually the primary species that destroys human made structures including furniture, paper, books and other wooden objects. They are essential in nature as they decompose fallen timbers to make way for new growth in the jungle, albeit being feared by most homeowners because of the damages and cost incurred. Termites may forage through houses that are developed on top of their habitat (soil beneath the ground) to seek for sustenance, hence finding their way into your home. Read More »

Mosquito Trending in Malaysia

Many have considered mosquitoes to be harmless due to its small and fragile nature. But little did they know that, mosquitoes have caused more human fatalities compared to any other creatures on earth. Although they may not look dangerous, mosquitoes are actually carriers of deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria and chikungunya.

Recently, Aedes mosquitoes have posed a serious threat in Malaysia due to an increasing hike in dengue cases. As of 5 July 2014 compared with same time last year, the number of dengue cases have shown a significant growth of 246% with 46,681 cases reported with 87 deaths. Read More »

Rats Infestations and Leptospirosis Cases in Malaysia

In the recent years, Leptospirosis cases have increased at an alarming rate and proven to be a major public health concern for fellow Malaysians. A total of 3,665 cases were reported in 2012, an increased of 1397 cases from prior year.

According to a study done by the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Malaysia, Leptospirosis has been around Malaysia for almost 90 years since it was first diagnosed in 1925. Read More »