I is for Insects

Yellow summer roseFinally the weather has warmed up and it feels like summer is here – did we skip spring? Time to throw open our windows and let the warm, fresh air into our homes along with some flying insects of course – am referring to the usual suspects of flies and wasps.

Like many others, I will aim to spend lots of time in the garden soaking up as much vitamin D from the sun rays as possible (whilst wearing sun protection of course!) and no doubt listening out for that all too familiar buzzing sound of wasps and bees –a sound almost synonymous with summer time. It seems insects of all shapes and sizes, crawling, flying, biting and stinging have arrived with the good weather. Read More »

H Is For Holidays – But Not For Pests

Olive trees around poolSipping tasty sangrias by the poolside.  Reading the latest Dan Brown book on your sun lounger. Drinking your early morning cappuccino whilst people watching in the main piazza at the start of another blissfully baking hot sunny day. Whatever a holiday means to you, we all know we couldn’t do without it. And, if we are lucky enough, some of us manage to go on several holidays per year.

Spare a thought then for your common household pest. Pests do not go on holiday.  Sorry to bring this up, but it’s true. In fact, occasionally we manage to transport some pests back home with us – bed bugs just love to travel home in our luggage – as highlighted by Alicia’s Christmas bed bug warning post. Read More »

The Attack of the Harlequins


The Asian Lady Beetle

These unassuming looking lady beetles are anything but ladylike; they are known to present themselves amongst pollen, fruit and harvested grapes and may taint a wine vintage with a repulsive blend of peanut butter, decaying spinach, blue cheese and sawdust flavor. Yuk!

These lady bugs were introduced as a biological pest control agent to control the aphid (sap-sucking plant lice) populations, which are often found to plague greenhouses. In some cultures they are also considered to be a sign of good luck.  Although introducing the Harlequin can offer benefits, it certainly has a darker side, too. Read More »

Connect – muizenbestrijding 2.0

Radar mouse trapEen alarm voor inbrekende mensen is heel normaal, we kennen het allemaal. Een alarm voor de inbrekende muis is iets nieuws. Muizen kunnen bij veel bedrijven nog onopgemerkt binnendringen door een gat in de muur, of door een deur die op een kier staat. Stel je eens voor, een muis die zich direct verraadt zodra hij je bedrijfspand is binnengedrongen. Met Connect van Rentokil kan het! Connect laat niet direct loeiende alarmen afgaan, gelukkig niet! Door middel van een sms bericht weet de Rentokil servicemedewerker dat er een muis is gevangen en door middel van een melding in PestNetOnline wordt de klant op de hoogte gebracht van de gevangen muis. Read More »

Help! There’s A Hornet In My House

A hornet can measure up to 2 inchesDue to a prolonged winter and wet spring wasp sightings have been few and far between. This has not been the case in my house (which should be designated an area of special scientific interest). I’ve had to eject a number of queen wasps which have overwintered in the eaves and sleepily dropped down onto the carpet.  I was unpleasantly surprised yesterday to be greeted at the breakfast table by this enormous hornet buzzing round the dining room. Measuring almost two inches long hornets can deliver a fierce sting if provoked, and can bite at the same time. Read More »