Pest ID Makes Identifying Pests Simpler

can you Identify these pests?Pest control can sometimes be a neglected factor to a happy home and workplace. Many pests can cause tremendous damage to any household whether it be an infestation of termites munching away at the foundations of your home or an outbreak of bedbugs creating serious harm to your health and wellbeing.

Early signs of these problems are often overlooked due to the lack of knowledge surrounding these pests.

Here at Rentokil we have developed a new Pest ID feature for our Australian customers, allowing pest identification to be an easy task resulting in a more streamlined approach to managing pests.

Why is Pest Identification Important?

We recently discovered that half of our customers who visit our website are doing so to identify pests.

So why is identifying bugs in your home or business so important? Well to answer that question we must look at the three positive outcomes from carrying out this identification process:

  1. Distinguish the Potential Risk: By identifying the pests which are inhabiting your home and/or workplace at an early stage you can discover the risk these pest have the potentially create to both your health and your property.
  2. Select the Right Course of Treatment: Being able to identify any potential pests in your home and workplace can assist in the right selection of treatment to assist in the management and control your pest dilemma.
  3. Save Both Time and Money: Identifying a pest early on will help to streamline the approach to effectively managing your potential pest infestation, creating a more economic solution.

The New Rentokil Pest ID Tool

Rentokil Pest Identification Tool

Our new pest identification feature (Pest ID) allows you to identify the pests which are currently nesting in your home and/or workplace at early stage before they start to wreak havoc across your property. This simple and effective tool was designed with this common problem in mind, and resulted in an extremely user friendly interface.

How it Works

  1. Start the process by visiting our Pest ID page and, using the drop down menu, choose whether the pest you have seen lurking around your home and/or workplace is either a flying insect, a crawling insect, a rodent, or a bird and select accordingly. Or alternatively you can choose to view all pests.
  2. From there you can view our extensive list of pests which are unique to your country. Still can’t find the right pest? Then you can use our filter option located at the top right hand side of the page where you can search for the pests in more details by choosing from the following: Number of legs, size, size of antennae, colour and place spotted.
  3. Once you have found your pest by clicking on the image you can view some interesting facts about it in regards to its appearance, lifecycle, and habits.

If you have found what you’re looking for then follow the instructions on the page. Give us a call for a free quote to manage the pest problem evident in your property and place yourself on the right track to a happier, healthier, working environment.

Think you’re a pest connoisseur? Could you name all the common pests inhabiting your country?

Head over to Rentokil Facebook page and see if you can identify some of our Lego pests.

Pest ID image

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