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Effective, environmentally-friendly pest control demands technical expertise, committed Research and Development, and constant innovation.

By appreciating your priorities and providing consistent, dependable service our people deliver this global know-how at the local level.

Public Health

Who do governments of countries and large cities turn to when they need to sort out a major public health issue caused by pests? To find out more, read about Rentokil case studies and watch the video of how Rentokil Libya is working with the government to improve public health.


PestNetOnline is a market leading electronic reporting system designed, to allow easy management of all pest control activities within your business. PestNetOnline displays all Rentokil visits and details any pest activity and treatments undertaken on your site.

To assist in pest prevention, PestNetOnline also records the status of any recommendations made by Rentokil.

PestNetOnline can also be used to generate automatic reports, detailing any pest activity, recommendations and Rentokil's visit and task performance. All reports are e-mailed direct to your chosen e-mail account and can be scheduled to meet your requirements.

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