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Rentokil Trinidad & Tobago provides professional bed bug control and bed bug treatment for your home and business. Bed bugs may be sneaky and silent; however, their bites leave red and itchy bumps that cause much distress. Bed bugs feed on human blood and are often found near beds, furniture and curtain drapes. Our homes, hotels, childcare and healthcare facilities are at risk of bed bug infestations.

Unfortunately, an infestation can happen quickly as an adult female bed bug lays an average of 5 eggs per day. If left uncontrolled, an infestation can be costly, stressful and time-consuming. For businesses, an infestation can impact a company’s reputation.

Rentokil’s environmentally-friendly and safe bed bug treatments provide you with peace of mind. Treatment options may include residual spraying and steam treatment that target bed bugs in all its life stages including adult bed bugs, larvae and eggs. Our pest control technicians are highly trained to detect early signs of bed bugs, eliminate infestations and prevent reoccurrences.

Rentokil's Bed Bug Control Solutions

Whether they’re in your home or hotel, bed bugs are an unwanted (and terrifying) guest. All ‘beds’ are at risk, but especially those hotels with a large number of international travellers, or if you’re a frequent traveller yourself.

Early detection and innovative solutions (such as our chemical-free heat treatment) ensure that bed bugs do not spread to other parts of your building.

Rentokil are the experts in bed bug control across Trinidad & Tobago. Our bed bug experts have extensive local knowledge and are backed by 85 years of global experience, so you can be sure that your hotel’s reputation or your family’s health are in safe hands.

Professional treatments for bed bug removal

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Keep chemicals away from pillows and mattresses with Entotherm Heat Pod, our revolutionary chemical-free treatment that kills bed bugs and eggs in a single treatment!

Bed Bug FAQs

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are approximately 5-6 mm in length before a blood meal, extending about 7mm when fully engorged with blood.  They are oval and flattened from back to underside with well-developed legs and wings are absent. They are red to brown in colour.

What are the common signs of bed bugs?

Common signs of bed bugs being present are finding small blood spots on bed sheets, faecal pellets, distinctive smell and of course live insects.

Is there any potential harm of having bed bugs?

The harm of bed bugs is that customers can be bitten. Bed bugs move around easily and if not treated professionally, they can quickly reach an epidemic level. Specialist solutions only available from professional pest control companies offer the most reliable way to get rid of bed bugs.

What do bed bugs feed on?

Bed bugs feed on human blood.

What steps can I take against bed bugs?

It is not recommended that you try removing bed bugs on your own and should seek professional help

What bed bug treatment is best?

Rentokil’s new Entotherm Heat Pod eliminates the use of chemicals and kills all stages of the bed bug life cycle in one treatment.

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